Nasty Nancy REFUSES to Take Coronavirus Test Despite Being Exposed to Infected Lawmaker

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to take coronavirus test despite being in contact with infected person

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is refusing to be tested for COVID-19, despite the fact she was exposed to the deadly virus via a lawmaker who has “been diagnosed with presumed coronavirus infection.”

Pelosi confirmed during a Tuesday interview with MSNBC that she will not take the test.

“In terms of my situation, I kept my distance,” Pelosi insisted.

“I said to them we all have to be six feet apart and I kept my distance from all the members.”

Rep. Nydia Velazquez, who attended a signing ceremony with the House Speaker and others on Friday, said on Monday she has been diagnosed with “presumed” coronavirus infection. reports: Mrs. Pelosi said members who came back to the U.S. Capitol on Friday to vote on the $2.2 trillion economic rescue package maintained proper social distancing in the chamber and in the gallery above.