Frank Sinatra Trafficked Underage Sex Slaves According To New FBI Files

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Frank Sinatra trafficked underage sex slaves for famous friends, according to newly released FBI files on the singer.

Frank Sinatra went from saloon singer to Oscar winner and music industry icon – and for 54 years the FBI spied on Ol’ Blue Eyes, compiling a bulging 1,300-page case file on the troubled legend and his notorious associates.

The earliest cases in Sinatra’s FBI file relate to a 1938 incident when cops in Bergen County, N.J., snagged 22-year-old Frank in two sleazy sex stings. He was charged with “seduction and causing the pregnancy of an unmarried young woman,” and later with adultery.

So far, so predictable. But Sinatra’s behavior got darker from there.

In the 1940s a shrink diagnosed Frank as mentally unstable, saying he suffered from “severe psychoneurosis.” The report helped keep him out of the Army during World War II, and he used this time to cozy up to the biggest gangsters of the era, providing them with underage sex slaves.

The FBI first noted Frank’s ties to organized crime in 1947 when he partied in Havana, Cuba, with Charles “Lucky” Luciano and other high-ranking Mafioso, including Albert Anastasia, Carlo Gambino, Frank Costello, Joe Profaci and Santo Trafficante.

FBI files also reveal that when notorious Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana’s daughter got married, Frank put up the mobster’s mistress, singer Phyllis McGuire, at his home.

RadarOnline reports: Informants told the FBI that Frank had twice taken over an entire floor of an Atlantic City hotel “for a private party which lasted several days and included hoodlum guests such as Giancana, Al Capone cousins Joeand Rocco Fischetti, and Joseph ‘Joe Bananas’ Bonanno,” who was head of one of New York’s five crime families.

The “My Way” singer met John F. Kennedy in the late 1950s and worked on his presidential campaign. FBI files alleged they engaged in wild sex orgies with very young women in hotels across the country.

Agents wanted to bug Frank’s Palm Springs home, but their request was denied.

The feds investigated Frank in a “White Slave Traffic Case.” They believed he provided girls for wild sex orgies with JFK and other celebs — and reported “unnatural sex acts” took place at the parties.

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