US Citizen Held Without Bail After Tweet Supporting Islamic State

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Multiple reports are surfacing that 44 year old Donald Ray Morgan, and American citizen, is now being held by New York City police without bail under judges orders.  Morgan was in Lebanon for an 8 month stay with his wife, where she resides.  According to an article by the New York Daily News, Morgan is a convicted felon who is believed to be involved in trafficking guns to the militant group ISIS.

Police nabbed the suspect once he arrived back in the US a few days ago.  Besides his prior allegations, authorities were most concerned with series of tweets Morgan had written.  In one of the tweets, Morgan, using the alias Abu Omar al Amreeki, tweeted: “Allah give me martyrdom wherever I may be” and “To the brothers inside Syria and Iraq be humble and grateful many of us are trying to come as some are arrested and others delayed”.

While some of these tweets could very well be the rants of a mentally unstable man, the US courts wasted no time arresting the man without due process and have placed him in jail with no bail.  Authorities believe that Morgan wanted to actively engage in bringing firearms to ISIS.  We will update as this story develops.


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