Syria’s Battle For Aleppo Has Finally Come To An End

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Syria's Battle For Aleppo Has Finally Come To An End

Russia’s UN envoy has announced that the Syrian government’s military operations to liberate the city of Aleppo have come to an end.

Fighting in eastern Aleppo has stopped and the Syrian government has regained control over the territory after the withdrawal of militants from the city was agreed, Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin told UN Security Council meeting.

“Over the last hour we have received information that the military activities in east Aleppo have stopped, it has stopped”

“So, there is no issue of any ceasefire or special humanitarian operations. The Syrian government has regained control of the eastern Aleppo, so the stage of practical humanitarian actions begins,” he said.

Press TV reports:

He noted that the militants within the city will start to leave “within hours” and that there is no need for civilians to leave their homes.

“This very difficult chapter related to the situation in eastern Aleppo has ended,” he said. “Let’s hope that this, indeed, will be a pre-condition for establishing the political efforts, re-launching of negotiations,” he added.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hailed the event, noting that the global body fully supports such efforts and stands ready to oversee an agreement.

“We remind all parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law: to prioritize the safe passage of civilians out of eastern Aleppo and to ensure that those who have surrendered or been captured are treated humanely and in line with international law,” he added.

West guilty of Aleppo psychological warfare   

During the session — called by the US, France and Britain — Ban said that the Syrian government, Russia and their allies are determined to end the war through a total military victory. However, Churkin dismissed such claims, stressing that they were all “propaganda, disinformation and psychological” warfare.

Less than a month ago, the Syrian army started a wholesale push to drive the militants out of their stronghold in the city’s eastern side, making great strides in the process.

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