WEF Declares Martial Law in America As Biden Deploys Military to U.S. Streets

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Hundreds of military tanks have been deployed across the United States after the unelected globalist despot Klaus Schwab ordered Biden to "declare martial law" in order to "repair our global architecture and our global system" in America.

Hundreds of military tanks have been deployed across the United States after the unelected globalist despot Klaus Schwab ordered Biden to “declare martial law” in order to “repair our global architecture and our global system” in America.

According to a WEF insider, Schwab is deeply concerned about Biden and the globalists losing their grip on power, as a series of scandals threatens to sink Biden’s reelection campaign, and more and more people continue waking up to the crimes of the globalist elite.

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Massive military movements are being reported in multiple states across the US, while the mainstream media is working overtime to convince those who are reporting the activity that they are wrong and nothing is happening.

Tanks are rolling through city streets in Philadelphia, with local military sources on record declaring it is not a drill.

A tank group was also spotted on the highway in Idaho Falls on Saturday. There are so many videos from across America that we can only show a few.

As the globalist elite lay the groundwork for the declaration of martial law and the seizure of control by authoritarian means, it is worth remembering the globalist elite declared their intention to launch a vast military campaign when they announced the launch of the Great Reset.

Biden was in the audience on the day the Great Reset was announced and the fact his is now bowing a knee to the globalists should come as no surprise.

Biden has always understood that he is nothing more than a puppet of the globalist elite. Watch him humiliate himself and his country at Davos while serving as the vice president of the United States. Even Klaus Schwab cannot disguise his contempt for the man.

Disgraceful behavior. And now, laying the groundwork for martial law, Biden is engaging in the tactics of a weak, deeply unpopular, and unelected president. This is globalist fascism on display.

And make no mistake, dystopian authoritarianism has been the plan since the Club of Rome first pushed the climate scam on an unsuspecting public in the early 70s.

According to Schwab, global governance is the only solution to the non-existent problem of climate change.

We have now reached a critical moment in history, according to the WEF, and the elites are preparing to launch a vast military style campaign to usher humanity in the right direction.

According to Klaus Schwab’s right hand man, Yuval Noah Harari, the elites have an upgrade on Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems, and will use AI instead to control the next US election.

What are the elite planning to do with AI? Harari has an answer for that too. They are planning to surveil and monitor the masses, in the same manner as Harari’s heroes, Stalin, Mao and Hitler.

According to Schwab, military force will be necessary for the elites to position themselves as the unelected, supreme leaders of the world, ushering humanity into the fourth industrial revolution.

The World Economic Forum are right about one thing. We are at a critical moment in history and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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