Israel Tells Over 1 Million Palestinians To ‘Leave Their Homes’ Or Risk Death

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Palestinians in Gaza

The Israeli military has ordered the mass evacuation of all people in Northern Gaza, “for their own safety”

The unprecedented order for almost half the population of the sealed-off territory ahead ofan expected ground invasion against the militant group Hamas.

Calling on Palestinians to leave the area “now”, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the army will turn Hamas sites “into rubble.”

In a televised address he said: “We will turn all the places in which Hamas is based … all the places Hamas is hiding in, acting from into rubble”.

But just where exactly are they supposed to go?

The Mail Online reports: The Israeli army has dropped leaflets into the Gaza Strip telling Palestinians to leave their homes or risk being killed as Israel continues to rain down missiles on the Hamas-controlled territory.

Pictures of the leaflets, which residents told foreign news outlets had been dropped in the northern city of Beit Lahia, have circulated online.

Translated from Arabic, one read: ‘For your safety, you must leave your homes immediately and go to shelters.

‘The IDF is not interested in harming you or your family members. Anyone who is near Hamas terrorists or terrorist targets will put their lives in danger.’

The IDF said it has bombarded the Gaza Strip with approximately 6,000 bombs containing a total of 4,000 tonnes of explosives since Saturday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday vowed to ‘crush and destroy’ Hamas, warning that every member of the terrorist organsisation is a ‘dead man’.

A constant barrage of bombs has hit the Gaza Strip since the terrorists crossed the border into Israel on Saturday, which the IDF says is aimed at Hamas targets.

The morgue at Gaza’s biggest hospital has overflowed today, with bodies coming in faster than relatives could claim them amid Israel’s heavy aerial bombardment.

Officials have reported 1,354 people have been killed in Gaza since Saturday, where buildings have been entirely levelled by Israeli bombs.

Beit Lahia is home to roughly 62,000 Palestinians, according to population the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

Residents hoping to flee for safety have very few options as airstrikes continue to pound the Gaza Strip, with borders to and from the territory closed.

Almost half of those killed in the relentless bombing are women and children, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

At least 447 children and 248 women were among the estimated 1,417 people who have lost their lives so far, according to the ministry.

It added on Thursday that more than 6,000 have been injured since the regional tensions erupted into all-out war over the weekend.

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