Female Cop Rampage, Sprays Peaceful And Elderly With Pepper Spray

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Both a school teacher and Activist Jesse Hagopian were pepper-sprayed by a Seattle Police officer on Martin Luther King day.

Filmingcops.com reports:

Jesse Hagopian was peacefully walking down the street during a Martin Luther King Jr Celebration earlier this month.

He never expected that a crazed cop would begin screaming and randomly pepper spraying anybody in sight.

Jesse has filed a lawsuit, claiming that the police had no reason to spray him with mace.

Moments before he was pepper sprayed he gave a speech at the celebration explaining why blacks should not be treated violently by police.

He is seeking $500k in damages, according to reports.

Jesse was on his way home after the speech to celebrate his son’s birthday.

As he was talking to his mother on his cell phone, a female officer began shooting him in the face with pepper spray for no apparent reason.

The officer’s behavior in the video clearly demonstrates a person who is out of control and on a power-trip.

She seems to boast and scream “SEATTLE POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!!” moments after spraying people, as if to pridefully take credit for the assault, much like a terrorist organization takes credit after killing people.

Because she wears a special costume and includes herself among a group of people who call themselves “government,” this supposedly gives her the right to initiate violence on innocent Americans.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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