No-Lockdown Sweden Bans Travel from Super-Vaxxed Israel over COVID Spikes

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No-lockdown Sweden bans travel from super-vaxxed Israel

Sweden has banned travel from Israel – one of the most vaccinated countries in the world – due to the disturbing spike in Covid cases.

Israel recently experienced their worst case report since the beginning of the pandemic.

For all of their efforts towards mass mandatory vaccinations, they were rewarded this week with a travel ban by the more anti-authoritarian Sweden. reports: The irony is that Sweden was supposed to be the “superspreader” nation. They refused to follow the rest of the world into a state of lockdown. They didn’t require face masks. They made it all optional and as a result a good chunk of their population was infected.

This led to what many scientists expected but few were willing to say for fear of professional repercussions: Sweden is at or near herd immunity. Their population acted responsibly when necessary based on personal choices. They didn’t shut down schools for a disease that offers minuscule risks to children and they kept living their lives. Now, they’re trying to keep the heavily infected people in Israel out of their nation.

Paul Joseph Watson noted the irony in it all:

It’s not too late for America and other countries to embrace the freedoms that Sweden maintained and approach the natural immunity numbers that are protecting the “superspreader” nation.