UK: Pro-Vax Radio Host James Whale Hospitalized With ‘Lungs Full of Blood Clots’

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James Whale

The English TV presenter and radio host James Whale was hospitalized last week due to “lungs full of blood clots”

Blood clots just happen to be a common adverse reaction of the mRNA Covid-19 jabs.

71 year old Whale, who has constantly railed against anti-vaxxers, took to Twitter on Monday to announce that he’d received a blood transfusion, but that it “didn’t do the trick.”

He wote “Apparently I have lungs full of blood clots so they’re keeping me in to clear them out and hopefully it won’t take too long”.

It seems that Whale received at least three vaccines, according to a post he wrote last September where he referred to anti-vaxxers as “idiots”.

“I’m really excited about the fact that I can get another jab fairly soon, so all you anti-vaxxers, all you idiots, all you nutters who go on trolling me, you know what you can do? You can get the vaccine.”

InfoWars reports Whale did not appear to mention whether he received the Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, or the Novavax Covid vaccines available in the UK, but strong evidence suggests both Pfizer and Moderna jabs are linked to blood clots. Meanwhile, Novavax has been linked to heart inflammation.

Two years ago, Whale revealed he’d been diagnosed with cancer of the brain, spine, kidney, and lungs, which was diagnosed as terminal last month. Doctors have not said if his condition was exacerbated by the jabs and subsequent boosters.

While it’s unclear whether the multiple experimental injections were to blame, the radio host was brutally trolled by anti-vaxxers on social media following his update Tuesday.


  1. The one thing I really hate about all this covid b.s. is, I never get a chance to tell the pro vaxers “I told you so” to their face cause they all keep dropping dead. You would think people would notice!!!

  2. MRNA is full of smart nano&interactive twith broadcasterSS ONE%& juist ONE more weapon4their control&power over the 99% of leftOvers.WE had to take THEIR vax OR be JOB less& on the street.We were never offered the safer adenovirus vacs and we watched THROMBOCYTOPENIA kill and disable endlessly.NOW they want to steal our medical/SS so nothin has changed at all same old same old

  3. Just another arrogant British “journalist/ radio personality” who knew best for everyone. Does he have cancer? Did the jab cause it? We wont ever know because the people who pushed the vax on everyone will never allow for transparency and a full investigation.

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