Prince Harry Says We All Have A ‘Duty’ To Get An HIV Test

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry has urged people to “know your status” and get tested for HIV.

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the name used to describe a number of potentially life-threatening infections and illnesses that happen when your immune system has been severely damaged by the HIV virus, according to the NHS.

However, there are some, inclduding Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who say that the covid jabs are causing vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Information posted by Bolsonaro has been censored on social media sites and he is being investigated over his claims

Meanwhile Harry says that he feels that it’s his responsibility to continue his Mothers’s ‘unfinished’ work in raising awareness (the official narrative) around the virus.

He took part in a 30-minute video call with former rugby star and his good friend Gareth Thomas as part of National HIV Testing Week.

The pair spoke about how normalising HIV testing could help achieve the goal of ending new HIV cases in the UK by 2030.

The Guardian reports: In a video conversation released online to mark National HIV Testing Week, Harry said he had been influenced by the suffering caused by the virus during visits to Lesotho and Botswana. “Add in the fact that my mum’s work was unfinished, I feel obligated to try and continue that as much as possible. I can never fill her shoes, especially in this particular space, what she did, what she stood for and how vocal she was on this issue,” he said.

When Harry took an HIV test in 2016, the live broadcast contributed to a 500% increase in the number of people requesting a test on the Terrence Higgins Trust website.

He said: “Every single one of us has a duty, or at least an opportunity, to get tested ourselves to make it easier for everybody else to get tested.” Noting there had been a drop in HIV testing during Covid, he added that with people regularly testing for coronavirus, it should be “ingrained in us that that’s what we need to do, to know our status in order to be able to keep other people safe”.

If you want to know the truth about HIV and AIDs, the following documentary is a good start


  1. This guy is an elitist. He and his wife are one marble short. A do nothing with his 25 million dollar Spotify contract he sits around and tells everyone what to do. The word clown comes to mind!

  2. I see a subtle change from covid to HIV. This ponce and his horrible wife have lied about their families and treated them abominably – why would anyone take any notice of what they say. They are both born into privilege, she claims to be a proud woman of colour but has spent thousands on lightening her skin and straightening her hair. Can recall every minor detail of her first car, but couldn’t remember briefing Knauff on the book. She’s a liar, so is he. They are both disgusting. Spotify foolishly gave them millions for ‘content’ and all they could produce was one lousy podcast in 18 months. They are just as much useless eaters as Kissinger.

  3. All of my family got Omnicron. Two in the south and three in the southwest. Some tested covid-positive, the others covid-negative. Some double-vaxxed, Some not. Go ahead get an HIV test and doom yourselves to an early grave. It was the AIDS treatments that killed all those “HIV”-positive men. I know. I helped some find solace before they passed. My nephew made it to 60 Minutes to explain it all to you in the late 1980’s. He was one of Roman Polansky’s boys hoping to make it as a model. Picked up at Virginia Tech in his freshman year. Taken to New Jack City and on to Paris. Never got that architectural degree. His mother, my Aunt, died of a broken heart. His father left him to suffer the consequences all by himself. Lost every single relative. It was sad. It was harsh. He took down a highly respected family in 60 Minutes. For fame and nothing more. Last I heard, he was comforting elderly, vulnerable rich white women. I’ve wanted to find him and reach out to him, but I assume he is caught up in Fauci’s crib. So, no. The pity and empathy is gone with Prince Harry.

  4. Let’s assume i have no idea who is this ginger dude. The first question would come to my mind is, is he is doctor? is he a virologist? Then why the heck is his opinion newsworthy?
    P.S. this is how propaganda works – they pay popular figures and celebrities to do the dirty work for them. There is never a shortage of celebrities up for sale…

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