Fauci Ignored Physicist Who Told Him Hydroxychloroquine Could Help Fight Against Covid

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Erik Nielsen, a physicist and CEO of Bio-Signal Technologies, advised Dr Fauci by email in March 2020 that it was possible that not one but two drugs could help fight the coronavirus.

But Fauci ignored the email saying it was “too long” for him to read.

The newly released email was obtained by BuzzFeed News via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They also report that Fauci declined to comment on the story that was contained in the email.

Breitbart reports: Nielsen, in the email, said he had instructed members of his family to get “Alvesco (ciclesonide) for emergency use only.” He claimed that his “colleagues on the front-line in Japan, China, and Korea found several pre-print papers, that it is an effective treatment for late-stage COVID-19 patients.”

The physicist continued, “Some patients on ventilators who were approaching death have fully recovered after treatment with ciclesonide,” noting “ciclesonide has much smaller particles than other corticosteroids, so it reaches deeper into lungs and alveolis.”

Neilsen claimed there was a second drug that could possibly be used, which he advised his family to get. He wrote to Fauci the drug “is called hydroxychloroquine,” which he said, “also seems to be effective and safe.”

However, he noted, “Alvesco is better because it appears to prevent the virus from replicating so infection is wiped out and no longer contagious. Alvesco seems to be two silver bullets in one.”

Two days after this email, Fauci, to whom the media looked for a trusted voice, said,”The answer is no” when he was asked if hydroxychloroquine is an effective coronavirus treatment during one of the coronavirus task force briefings that took place regularly under the Trump administration. Fauci noted that the “signs of the drug’s promise were purely ‘anecdotal evidence.’”


Former US President Donald Trump continuoulsy defended the use of hydroxychloroquine to ward off coronavirus, contradicting Dr Fauci.

“We know that every single good study – and by good study I mean randomised control study in which the data are firm and believable – has shown that hydroxychloroquine is not effective in the treatment of Covid-19,” Fauci claimed last year.

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