Brussels & Paris Police ‘Ban’ ‘Freedom Convoys’ As They Make Their Way Regardless

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Freedom convoys

Brussels has joined Paris in banning Canada-style ‘freedom convoys’ as protesters continue to head for Belgium via the French capital, despite being warned that they face two years in prison for blocking roads

Paris police have threatened protesters with prison, a driving ban and €4,500 fine as hundreds of motorists are currently en route to the French capital demanding an end to Covid restrictions.

Police say they are worried that the cars, vans and motorbikes will paralyse the city and have declared the convoy an ‘undeclared mobilisation’.

Many of the French vehicles are carrying Canadian flags in a tribute to the truckers who are protesting against their own governments tyrannical Covid restrictions.

The Mail Online reports: But the demonstrators say despite the threats they will continue with their planned route to the French capital before moving to Brussels, hoping the new measures will bring further attention to their cause.

This morning, Belgian authorities said they would also ban freedom convoys amid warnings motorists will descend on the city on Monday.

‘Means are being put in place to prevent the blocking of the Brussels-Capital Region,’ the mayor of the Belgian capital, Philippe Close, said on Twitter.   

Earlier today, Paris cops warned protesters: ‘There will be a special deployment… to prevent blockages of major roads, issue tickets and arrest those who infringe on this protest ban.’

The convoy aims to ‘block the capital by hindering road traffic,’ the statement adds.

‘Due to the risk of public order disturbances that this gathering could cause, the Prefect of Police issues an order prohibiting such demonstrations, from Friday February 11, 2022 to Monday February 14, 2022 inclusive.’  

Despite the ban, organisers of the convoy have indicated that they will continue their journey to force a confrontation with the authorities.

They are being supported by the Yellow Vest anti-government movement, which has brought chaos to cities including the French capital in recent years.


  1. There is NO change without revolution. Lenin Wars and rumours of wars are the backbone of the elites wealth and only revolution and rumours of revolutions will ever affect their determinations. War is their bread and butters.

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