Video: Entire Country of Sri Lanka To Get Internet Thanks To Google

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The island nation of Sri Lanka is about to be blanketed in wireless internet beamed from balloons, thanks to a contract with Google.

According to The Good News Network:

Google’s Project Loon uses a network of 13 giant balloons, riding air currents, to deliver smartphone-based Internet service to the people below. Through this, all 21 million people living in Sri Lanka will be able to access the Internet through their smartphones or tablets, just as those devices would connect to a cell tower.

Google and The Future

Google created the project to deliver cheap internet to remote and inaccessible parts of the world where running cables and fiber optics are impractical or too expensive.

Each balloon can stay aloft for 100 days, flying twice as high as commercial airliners. Google can build each balloon in a matter of hours and launch 12 per day with a single crane. They eventually plan to have thousands of the balloons in the air at a time, covering remote corners of the world from the Arctic to Australia.

Project Loon began testing the idea in New Zealand in 2012, but Sri Lanka will be the first place the project delivers Internet when it goes online in the next few months.

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