TRUCKERS VICTORY: Ontario Premier Forced to End Vaccine Passports

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Ontario Premier Ontario premier forced to end vaccine passports

The sudden about-face from Ontario premier Doug Ford comes as thousands of truckers across Canada continue to rise up against Justin Trudeau’s fascist mandates.

On Thursday, Ford telephoned supporters letting them know that he is about to scrap the province’s vaccine passport scheme.

One supporter secretly recorded the call (posted below). reports:Ford starts his call by saying he had received “about 250 [messages] as of lunch today” asking him to scrap the passport.

“We’re pulling these passports. We’re going to get back to normal. I can’t get you the exact date, but it’s going to be very soon. I’ll be speaking over the next few days. Friday I’m going to put out a statement. Monday I’ll be giving some dates. And we’re going to move forward.”

The dramatic about-face from Ford comes as thousands of truckers across Canada have engaged in peaceful protests, including blocking the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor.

Removing vaccine mandates and passports is a key demand of truckers. Public opinion has shifted dramatically during the past two weeks, with most Canadians now saying it’s time to end the lockdowns.


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