2nd Kavanaugh Accuser Wasn’t Sure About Claims Until Spending 6 Days With Attorney

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Deborah Ramirez wasn't confident it was Kavanaugh who exposed himself to her until she spent six days with a Democrat attorney.

Journalist Ronan Farrow has admitted that congressional Democrats actively searched for a second accuser to come forward against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and eventually found a woman who only became confident Kavanaugh was the man who exposed himself to her over thirty years ago after spending “six days” going over her memories with the assistance of an attorney.

Ronan Farrow, the journalist behind the controversial New Yorker article about Kavanaugh’s college days, also admitted that  congressional Democrats have put the Deborah Ramirez in an awkward position by forcing her to publicly come forward.

[Deborah Ramirez] came forward because Senate Democrats began looking at this claim,” Farrow said on “Good Morning America” Monday.

Farrow also admitted Deborah Ramirez was not confident that Brett Kavanaugh was the man who “thrust his penis in her face” at a dorm party until she spent “six days” going over her memories with an attorney.

Only after those six days with the “assistance” of the Democrat attorney did Ramirez become confident the offender was Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

She did not flag this for those Democrats. This came to the attention of people on the Hill independently and it’s really cornered her into an awkward position,” he said. “She said, point-blank, I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life, but she feels this is a serious claim. She considers her own memories credible and she felt it was important that she tell her story before others did without her consent.

Host George Stephanopoulos asked Farrow if the timing of his latest piece about Kavanaugh’s college days was responsible journalism this close to accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s hearing and Farrow defended his work and said he takes it “extremely seriously.”

“I just want to stress very clearly — we take reporting of this type extremely seriously,” Farrow said. “The evidentiary basis for this, the number of witnesses who were told at the time is strong. It’s in excess of what we typically see.”

“The deal with sexual assault claims is very often that there aren’t multiple people willing to say they witnessed it in the room. And the individuals who were most primary to this are people she alleged were egging Brett Kavanaugh on,” he added.

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