Israel On The Brink Of Civil War

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Israel is about to collapse into civil war

The leader of the Labor Party in Israel has warned that the country faces an imminent civil war sparked by right-wing politicians inciting racial hatred. 

“We are on the verge of an uprising of hatred, racism, darkness and upcoming killings and assassination based on the overwhelming internal hatred here,” Isaac Herzog said during a speech at a Zionist Camp parliamentary bloc session on Monday.

Uprooted Palestinians reports:

“We hear hatred at every turn, whether it is directed toward women by military rabbis, by Ashkenazi Jews against Sephardi Jews and Mizrahi Jews against Ashkenazis.”

The 55-year-old chairman of the Labor Party further blamed the administration of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the prevalence of the rising fascist discourse in Israel.

“This way the seeds of the uprising of hatred are planted, which will lead to a civil war. This hatred is being carried out by the full support and cover of those in charge,” Herzog said.

“Whoever heads this administration remains silent about the uprising of hatred, without working against it, ending it, taking steps against its leaders, or preventing those behind it from receiving funding,” the Israeli opposition leader said.

Earlier this month, Herzog denounced the passage of a controversial law compelling Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to reveal the sources of their public foreign funding. The measure has come under fire from left-wing groups as an attack against the critics of Israeli policies toward Palestinians.

Herzog slammed the legislation, titled the “NGO Transparency Law,” for “symbolizing the budding fascism that is rising and flourishing in Israeli society.”

Critics argue that the bill targets human rights groups critical of the Israeli administration’s policies, and does not affect right-wing and pro-settlement NGOs.


  1. Oh yeah. The Israeli’s are doing the same thing to the Palestinians that Hitler did to them. And they’re doing it with our dollars.

  2. Interesting to note that one of the big sticking points is the NGO transparency law. It’s ALWAYS about money with these people…

  3. I’m no expert on this matter, its obvious the ‘world leader(-s) agree with this murdering of our fellow human beings. And there’s not much we can say. Only I’m sure that the Israeli’s are being used by a very negative entity, with billions and more dollars to it’s name, you see. And : the killers are being used, also they are letting it be without hesitation. (pfft)

  4. Why do we support this apartheid country and give up our freedom?

    “Dangerous Precedent for Free Speech: NJ Gov. Chris Christie Signs Law Punishing Boycotts of Israel

    Legal groups say New Jersey’s new anti-BDS legislation might be unconstitutional and threatens the First Amendment.

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has signed bipartisan-backed legislation that will punish groups that endorse a boycott of Israel in protest of its violations of Palestinian human rights. Christie, who is one of the most outspoken supporters of far-right Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, signed the bill on Tuesday.

    It requires the New Jersey government to identify companies that support a boycott of Israel, raising fears that it would create a “blacklist” of institutions that back the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS, movement.

    Under the new law, the State Investment Council, which manages more than $80 billion in pension assets, is legally obligated to divest from these blacklisted companies.”

  5. I pray the Godly side wins that war. I don’t know enough about Israel’s inner politics to know who to route for. the side that hates Goys is the side i pray to lose the fight.

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