Heather O’Rourke Was NOT Killed By ‘Hollywood Pedophile Ring’

Fact checked
Child actress Heather O'Rouke was killed by Hollywood pedophile ring

Editors correction: The original story detailed claims by a self-professed ‘entertainment lawyer’ that Poltergeist child star Heather O’Rourke was raped and murdered by Hollywood studio executives.

Upon review of the evidence available, there is no proof that the person making the claims is an entertainment lawyer.

Furthermore, the claims he makes contain a number of inconsistencies that raise doubts about their accuracy and prove the opposite of the article’s claim.

1/  Heather was at home in Lakeside, California, the day before she died. She was not in Hollywood as the original source claimed.

2/ Heather was conscious when paramedics arrived, contrary to the claims put forth in the original article.

3/ Heather’s parents sued the doctors who had earlier misdiagnosed her with Crohn’s disease, missing the bowel blockage that ultimately led to her death.

Due to these facts, we have retracted the original story.


  1. Sabbatean Jewry. Followers of kabbalist Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi. 666 and followers of the Cube, and modern day Luciferianism. Jared Kushner and most of Hollywood. Hint: See the movie ” Luck Number Slevin” and pay attention to the Rabbi and what he is wearing.

  2. Can you PLEASE take this down. That is my aunt and you are really hurting my family posting things like this. My mother Tammy O’Rourke has been so offended by these false reports as has my grandmother. No one has contacted either of them in regards to find out the truth yet you people keep spreading these lies all over the internet. I can’t believe this, can’t you just let her rest in peace. She had a real medical problem but you want to say she was anally raped, you need to have some serious respect and stop blindly spreading fake news to people because that is how this lie got out of hand.
    Next time you have something to say, you need to contact the mother of the decease Ms. Kathleen O’Rourke so she can tell you straight your face to knock it off with the lies!!
    This hurts to read

    • I am sorry, so sorry for your pain. Denying it, when there is overwhelming evidence doesn’t make it go away, and bringing this to light in no way implicates you or your family. If you or yours feel guilt, then take a closer look and pray. This and other disclosures are necessary to save not only more children, but the eradicate the pure, evil, Satanic influence, the evil in Hollywood, but this planet. It MUST be dealt with.

    • then what actually happened? Please the tell the truth so we can put this rumors to rest once and for all. As for cory do you believe the rumors? There has to be something going on in Hollyweird and the open secret movie

  3. Not one name in this bs story. Hope you got paid well to write it. Sad you used a little girl’s death as your premise. That is not integrity and it certainly is not real journalism.

    • He mentions several names, what are you talking about? He is clear that he is speculating and that he is on the fence… but he names Spielberg as a possible perpetrator and Charlie Sheen in his diabolical activities. There are just too many people saying what happened to them on the casting couch. The rap industry, pop music, the movie industry, tv… – all of Hellyweird is involved in the ritualistic sexual, physical and mental abuse of children and adults. If you don’t see it then you are being deliberately blind. I pray you open your eyes and ears and see what is happening.

  4. While I in no way think Hollywood is innocent, you are going to need more than speculation. A LOT more.

  5. This is the sort of thing Hollywood bigs suck politicians into, whether in person or online, and then use their involvement to blackmail and control them.

  6. THIS IS DISINFO. She was brutally raped to death. Many details were released about the incident by individuals who were there and knew what really happened. There is a lot of info on it out there but it is now being suppressed and shadow banned by google and youtube. Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Baxter Dimtry, yournewswire, neon nettle and news punch are disinfo sites designed to make truthers look stupid. Remember these words. They are the truth. I’ve been doing this for a very long time. Dig deeper people.

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