Sandy Hook Survivor ‘Miraculously’ Survives Michigan State School Shooting

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Sandy Hook survivor miraculously survives Michigan State shooting

A survivor of the Sandy Hook school shooting 10 years ago also ‘miraculously’ survived the Michigan State school shooting on Monday, according to reports.

Jaqueline Matthews, 21, was on campus during Monday’s deadly shooting. She had also been on campus during the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012.

“I don’t ever think you ever get over something so traumatic or so tragic, even if it’s not in your community,” she told reporters. “I think things like this, people feel and it never really goes away.”

According to Matthews, she suffers from a PTSD fracture in her back due to crouching and hiding in a corner during the Sandy Hook shooting spree.

ABC 7 News reports: Matthews said she almost never talks about what happened at Sandy Hook on that dark day, but as she watched the carnage and chaos from her window on the MSU campus Monday night, she couldn’t stay silent.

Matthews posted on TikTok to express her frustration and concern for the communities.

“I never talk about that topic, but I felt the need to post that video, I was sitting with my roommate, and we were talking about how out of hand this is, and how it’s not OK,” Matthews said. “Even the kids form Sandy Hook/Newtown, the kids from Stoneman Douglas, their lives don’t stop when these things happen. The fact that the odds of me being in both of those places for two mass shootings, is unfortunately, not as unlikely as it is, for other people as well. I think that’s why I felt the need to make the video to bring awareness to the fact that, enough is enough. It just needs to end.”

Matthews said she is done being scared of the conversation.

Matthews said she is willing to do her part to help put an end to it.

“It’s been put in my face too many times, to the point where being scared is no longer an option,” Matthews said.


  1. A PTSD fracture of the back? So, is it a fracture or PTSD? Stellar reporting from msm as usual. Probably made the whole thing up to be fair…….

  2. Get real. Whether your being shot by civil wars or international makes no difference except to the fact of which civil warriors or I ternational enemies want whom disarmed and defenseless.

    • I coined the frazzie GET REAL in 1986 ON A MOVIE SET it`s made them BILLIONS upon billions and the age of realism was born when even the internet picked it up.ONE word 1frazzie is worth billions in a NON-creative age of puppets.Even copyrighting won`t save your piggie bank as they just take it over seas and than send it back like they own it and NO attorney will ever take your case as they get payed off OR DOA with their fingers cooked off by acid on the door handles.MASS shootings happened but your paperback hack is playin you for your DIME bag of nothing just ask jack HEY JACK ever get back…you didnt grow up in the 60`s as everyone here KNOWs wtf jack really IS

  3. No one died at the false flag in sandy hook or boston bombings, i remember the sangria canisters in videos. Sandy hook has soo much weird things it can’t be real, the Facebook donation page was older than the incident, there where portapotties there they walked in circles helicopter footage. No parents cried or wanted to see the dead. The pictures clothing of the children looks much older, adam lanzas xbox had the wrong games not compatible with the old console, he supposedly carried all the heavy guns. No clean up crew no bloody footprints its ridiculous. They tried to blame shooting games and ban gun’s. Nothing else.

      • Do your own research the crazy things are true and yes make no sense. I checked them when they where fresh, the sandy hook children on the pictures wear that supposedly died wear cloathes that look dated, so no parents wanted to see their dead children, none, no one cried. It’s like fonding Madeleine McCann her parents drugged her she probably hit her head died, the dogs smell corpse in the rooms closet and the rented car, her mother washed all her clothes. Those people are psychopaths just read her book, they were involved with high pedophile people and become of charge of the missing children department it’s all horrible twisted.Nothing is what it seems.

  4. Satan’s Children are getting short of Crisis Actors!
    They need to recruit some new ones, the way they recruit
    new “Holocaust Survivors” every year!

  5. Looks like a guy to me & I’d bet dollars to donuts that he was in on the cabal false flag operation. No child was killed at Sandy Hook. They can’t stop the full truth from coming out.

  6. what are the odds? Do you remember the border bar shooting in thousand oaks, ca? turns out one of them admitted that that whole group of people were at the Las Vegas shooting as well. what are the odds?
    The odds are that these are CIA crisis actors and these shootings are false flags conducted by the government.

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