King Charles Demands US Pay Trillions In Taxes To WEF Every Year To ‘Fight Climate Change’

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Britain’s King Charles demanded that US taxpayers cough up trillions of dollars per year to pay Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and other globalist organizations to “fight climate change” and reach net zero goals.

King Charles III delivered the speech at the opening ceremony of the COP28 summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to Charles, the global elite require at least $4.5 to $5 trillion per year to drive the green transformation, achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals, and reach net zero.

The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as the Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP28) started this week and is being attended by luminaries from various global organizations.

Marketed as the “World Climate Action Summit,” this event marks the first “Global Stocktake” aimed at evaluating the advancements made under the Paris Agreement.

During the opening ceremony on Friday, King Charles III delivered a keynote address.

“28 eight years ago I was most touched to be asked to speak at the opening of COP21 in Paris which of course culminated in the Paris agreement,” Charles III said at COP28.

Why is Charles pushing with the climate agenda so aggressively?

What he said next holds a piece of the puzzle.

The Paris Agreement, Charles III said, was “a landmark moment of hope and optimism when nations put differences to one side for the common good.”

“I pray with all my heart that COP28 will be another critical turning point towards genuine transformational action at a time when, as scientists have been warning for so long, we are seeing alarming tipping points,” the king said to the audience at COP28.

Regarding “tipping points,” climate change alarmists have been hyping them, without results, for decades.

Since 2001, at least seven different climate conferences have been hailed as the “last chance” to halt global warming.

All of them have proven to be incorrect.

Philip Stott is a professor emeritus of biogeography at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

In 2011, Stott summarized the tipping point phenomenon:

“In essence, the Earth has been given a 10-year survival warning regularly for the last fifty or so years.

“We have been serially doomed.

“Our post-modern period of climate change angst can probably be traced back to the late 1960s, if not earlier.”

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