Experts Warn Britain Could Be Hit By Its Own Outbreak Of China’s ‘Mystery’ Pneumonia

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Health experts fear that Britain could be hit by its own outbreak of the ‘mystery’ pneumonia that has left hospitals in China overwhemed with infected patients.

The mysterious illness, that has been affecting mainly children is currently being investigated by the World Health Organization, has sparked chaos in China.

Authorities have ruled out a new virus, and have blamed the outbreak on a surge in respiratory illnesses casued by bacteria called mycoplasma pneumoniae resulting in what is often dubbed ‘white lung pneumonia’

But what is causing the ‘white lung’ pneumonia spike ?

This Pfizer Covid19 modRNA adverse event is listed here as Pneumonia mycoplasmal:


MSN reports: Since China raised concerns, causes of “myco” exploded in countries including the Netherlands, Denmark and parts of the US. Scientists have claimed that Britain could also see an uptick in cases of myco, including the “white lung syndrome”.

The bacterial infection typically causes a flu-like illness, sometimes called “walking pneumonia” because of its mildness, with children being particularly vulnerable. Professor Ian Jones, a virologist at the University of Reading, said te public health system should be “aware of the risk”.

The expert told MailOnline: “As we have a small physical break with Europe we might get away with it this season. The important point is that this sort of ‘bounce back’ should be expected and the public health system should be aware of it.”

Last week, ProMed, which monitors global disease outbreaks, issued a warning. It quoted a man in Beijing, identified as Mr W, saying: “Many, many are hospitalised. They don’t cough and have no symptoms. They just have a high temperature and many develop pulmonary nodules.”

It described a similar situation in Liaoning province, around 500 miles from Beijing, where ProMed said the lobby of the local children’s hospital was full with many kids receiving intravenous drips. It quoted a staff member at Dalian Central Hospital saying: “Patients have to wait in line for two hours, and we are all in the emergency department and there are no general outpatient clinics.”

Francois Balloux of University College London said the current wave of disease in China was likely due to respiratory illnesses like flu, RSV or a bacterial infection. He said China was probably experiencing a significant wave of childhood infections since this was the first winter since lockdown restrictions were lifted, which likely reduced children’s immunity to common bugs. “Unless new evidence emerges, there is no reason to suspect the emergence of a novel pathogen,” Mr Balloux said.

Dr Joseph Ambani, an infectious disease specialist, said we do not know enough about the “worrying” respiratory illness yet. However, he stressed that Europe’s healthcare systems need to prepare for the worst.

Speaking to the Daily Express, he said: “[Understanding] whether it’s a novel strain or a mutation of an existing virus is critical. This knowledge shapes our predictions about its spread and virulence. If it’s a novel virus, we’re venturing into the unknown, with potential for both higher virulence and a lack of immunity in the population.”

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