Biden’s IRS Starts Buying Up Ammunitions as Biden Vows to Disarm Ordinary Citizens

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IRS starts buying up ammunitions as Biden vows to disarm ordinary American citizens

Biden’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has begun buying up large quantities of ammunition as Democrats prepare to strip ordinary Americans of their guns.

The IRS’s ammunition acquisition is “bizarre,” Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz said in an interview.

“There is concern that this is part of a broader effort to have any entity in the federal government buy up ammo to reduce the amount of ammunition that is in supply, while at the same time, making it harder to produce ammo,” Gaetz said. reports: If federal entities continue buying up ammunition, it could put American citizens in a place where the exercise of the Second Amendment is limited due to the inability to get ammunition, Gaetz said.

He painted a dire scenario where the government reduces ammunition production “and, on the other hand, [soaks] up the supply of it.”

Breitbart Second Amendment columnist AWR Hawkins noted that a search lists the IRS’s ammunition purchases, which occurred over a period of months in increments ranging from $3,201 worth of ammo at one time to $92,000+ worth of ammo at one time.

According to a report from OpenTheBooks published in 2020, the IRS had stockpiled 4,600 guns and five million rounds of ammunition as of Jan. 1, 2019. With Democrats calling for $80 billion in additional funding and the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents, that arsenal was expected to grow significantly.

A TIGTA report found that special agents at the IRS Criminal Investigation Division accidentally fired their weapons more often than they intentionally fired them: “According to documentation provided by all 26 CI field offices, the NCITA, and the TIGTA OI, there were a total of eight firearm discharges classified as intentional use of force incidents and 11 discharges classified as accidental during FYs 2009 through 2011.”

In a September 2021 analysis for The Federalist, David Kopel noted: “The gun prohibition lobbies, having mostly failed in their campaigns to convince legislatures to ban guns, have intensified their efforts to disarm Americans by other means. … The ongoing ammunition shortage is seriously impairing the exercise of Second Amendment rights. Many gun owners have cut back on practice because they cannot be sure they will be able to replace the ammunition they use. Some firing ranges are not even able to sell customers a box of ammunition. The shortage is particularly burdensome for the millions of Americans who purchased their first firearm in 2020 and are being deprived of practice opportunities.”

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