Antifa Boss Threatens to Sue and Dox Anyone Who Exposes His Child Abuse Crimes

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Antifa leader threatens to sue anybody who exposes his child rape crimes

An Antifa leader has threatened to sue and dox journalists who expose his alleged child abuse crimes, a new lawsuit reveals.

On Saturday, notorious Antifa terrorist Christian Exoo, who goes by ‘AntiFash Gordon’ on Twitter, sent a cease and desist letter to Torch Antifa Network ordering them to stay silent about alleged child abuse claims made by his former housemate.

In April, Torch issued a statement distancing themselves from Exoo, stating that accounts from numerous victims that came forth against Exoo show a pattern of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. reports: In a portion of the cease and desist letter from Exoo, he states that Torch had three days from receipt of the letter to “remove the false and defamatory statements from your websites and Twitter accounts. If these are not removed, I will file a lawsuit under N.Y. C.P.L.R. 215(3), and exercise my rights to collect a judgement based on any damages awarded by the court.”

“Please retain all texts, DMs chat logs (via Twitter, Signal, or other service), notes, and other documents— including but not limited to phone numbers, email addressed, names and/or identifying information of any parties involved— relating to any discussion of me,” the letter continued. “If you fail to retain and produce evidence as required in this matter, you may be sanctioned by the court for spoliation of evidence.”

In response to the receipt of the letter, the Torch Network stated that they would comply with Exoo’s request to remove their April letter and anything regarding it, in an attempt to protect those Antifa members named in the letter from public identification and harm.

In an 87-part Twitter thread written on Saturday, Exoo attempted to dispel the allegations against him, saying that the Torch Network statement came in response to a smear campaign conducted against him by a number of former associates.

Exoo stated that he believed the anonymous April post “Concerning Antifash Gordon” was written by an ex-girlfriend that owed him money and accused him of intimidating her, referred to by the nickname “Codi,” and Elizabeth King, a person he says was stalking him and conducting a smear campaign against him in response to him allegedly conducting a smear campaign against her.

Exoo claims that no one from Torch Antifa Network reached out to him before they posted the statement, adding that “the post contains a number of distortions and outright fabrications. It’s clear that there was no fact-checking process, as a number of accusations could have been dismissed with a simple Google search.”

He uses the largest portion of the 87-part thread to pick apart the claims made against him in Torch’s letter, saying that the claims have lead to death threats and SWATing attempts against him.

“I am publicly calling for accountability from the Torch Network members involved in the publication of this statement, and from anyone who signed. You are helping an abusive ex-girlfriend stalk me, damaging my organizing and mental health, and putting my safety at risk,” he said.

Exoo wrote that Torch’s statement, which allegedly was made without fact-checking their information, “flies in the face of all leftist ideals. It doesn’t seek truth or accountability, just harassment and stalking.”

Exoo, who runs the AntiFash Gordon Twitter account, is known for his work in doxxing “fascists.” In September of 2020, a federal lawsuit alleged that Exoo, working at St. Lawrence University as a librarian at the time, used campus facilities and equipment to lead harassment and threatening campaigns against an ex-New York Daily News employee.

In January of 2020, Exoo was accused of blackmail, racism and engaging in predatory behavior toward underage girls in a Medium post made by a former housemate, an account that Exoo claimed in his thread was false.

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