Man Flogged In Public For Alleged Adultery In Nigeria

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A video from Nigeria shows an alleged adulterer being caned in public as punishment for having sex with a married woman.

The man accused of adultery was beaten with a stick in front of a distressed crowd.

Warning: Distressing content

RT reports:

The man was allegedly caught having sex with a married woman and for this, he was marched around the unnamed community before being flogged in public to deter other potential adulterers, Nigerian media reported.

In the video the man can be seen attempting to get up, but is grabbed and put back on the bench for further beating.

He attempts to get away from the bench but is stopped by the men who continue to beat him on the ground.


The man can be heard screaming in pain in the video along with shouts of distress from locals witnessing the cruel beating.

The woman involved in the alleged adultery is reported to have gone unpunished.

In some Nigerian states it is permitted to flog school children as a form of punishment, with a high school student flogged to death by a teacher in 2015 after arriving late to class.

According to Nigeria’s Daily Post, students outraged by the death vandalized parts of the school in Ibadan.

In 2001, a Nigerian court allowed the public flogging of a 17-year-old girl in the northern Nigerian State of Zamfara as punishment for becoming pregnant outside of marriage after she reported that she had been raped.

Despite international outrage and UNICEF condemning the case, she received 100 lashes.

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