Poker Pro Claims Hillary Sent Hand Signals To Debate Moderator

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Poker pro Mike Matusow claims Hillary Clinton and debate moderator Lester Holt secretly communicated using hand signals during the debate.

Poker pro Mike Matusow claims Hillary Clinton and debate moderator Lester Holt were secretly communicating with each other using specialist hand signals during the debate on Monday night.

At key moments during the debate Clinton can be seen rubbing her face in a manner similar to a third base baseball coach. It is claimed Lester Holt interrupted Donald Trump and gave Clinton the floor after receiving these signals, suggesting there was a pre-arranged communication system in place.

Analysts have dismissed the idea that Clinton’s repeated face rubbing movement could simply be a nervous tic, pointing out that she hasn’t made this particular movement in any previous debates or public appearances.

Is four time World Series of Poker champion Mike Matusow right? Were the hand signals part of a pre-arranged communication system between Clinton and Holt to ensure the Democratic presidential nominee could take control of the debate?

YouTube took down the original video exposing the hand signals controversy, so be sure to watch and share this video while you can.

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