Biden Admits The ‘Pandemic Is Over’ – But Refuses To Give Up Emergency Powers

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Joe Biden made an unxpected admission in a 60 Minutes interview that aired on Sunday: “The pandemic is over.” There is just one problem. He is is still actively continuing to use COVID as an excuse to ram through his policies.

Chalk this one up as another case of “conspiracy theorists” being proved correct.

Biden made the admission in a rare lucid moment while visiting a packed Detroit car show alongside journalist Scott Pelley, who, prompted by the robust attendance, asked Biden whether the pandemic was over.

“The pandemic is over,” Biden agreed. “We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. The pandemic is over. If you notice, no one’s wearing masks, everyone seems to be in pretty good shape.”

Now, this shouldn’t be a surprising admission. 

For most Americans, the true pandemic emergency ended a long time ago. In my own view, it ended in earnest as soon as vaccines were available for all at-risk adults who wanted them. But it is stunning to hear the president admit this reality, even though so many Americans have long since accepted it, because the Biden administration continues to adopt an “emergency” posture in its policies.

Based Politics report: Just on July 15, the White House renewed the official “public health emergency” declaration, which gives the federal government sweeping expanded powers and lets them unilaterally spend billions more on welfare, through October 13. And Biden is expected to extend this declaration again through the midterm elections. 

This was already unjustifiable, but for him to do anything other than immediately give up all emergency powers—let alone further extend them—would be downright absurd given his comments.

The president literally admitted that the pandemic is over. Surely, then, his need for pandemic emergency powers must be “over” as well?

I don’t want to downplay the fact that several hundred people are still dying from COVID-19 each day in the US. Of course, that’s still a tragedy. But we must face the fact that this is, like many other common illnesses and causes of death, simply a part of life now. If we let the government cling to its “temporary” expanded powers so long as someone, somewhere has COVID, those powers will essentially become permanent. Left or Right, that’s not something anybody who values checks and balances should want. 

Plus, Biden continues to use COVID to justify his policy agenda. For example, COVID was specifically the legal grounds the president attempted to use to justify his unconstitutional and unfair taxpayer bailout for student debt. How can Biden say on one hand that COVID is over while actively continuing to use it as an excuse to ram through his policies? 

Enough is enough.

Over the last few years, our government officials have abused their powers, lied to us, and trampled on the Constitution. Unless we want that to become the new normal, we must stand up and demand an end to this charade.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. The emergency powers give them like fascism as government .They’re not going to surrender that. Ever .And Fauci still is hiding behind some old law that lets him conceal conflict of interests .Meanwhile we do know 193 million dollars was paid to about 1800 individuals BUT Fauci will not be specific At all about exactly who got what amount from Pfizer moderns and Johnson and Johnson..

  2. Covid will never be over because it will be repackaged as some other catastrophe or crisis designed to take more freedoms from average people till those in power have complete and total control…imperium.

  3. July 4, 2022

    By Its Silence in Court, Congress Has Legally Admitted Mr. Biden Did Not Win the Presidency

    On December 17, 2020, and again on January 4, 2021, every member of Congress was served with a Petition for Redress of specific violations of the Electors Clause of the U.S. Constitution (Article II, Section 1) that took place in 31 States throughout 2020. One thousand fifty-eight (1058) citizens residing in all fifty States signed the Petition. Congress was asked to refute the facts or direct the 31 States to re-do their elections in keeping with the mandate of the Electors Clause.

    Congress did not respond to either Petition for Redress of the Grievance. Instead, on January 6, 2021, Congress certified the electoral votes of those 31 States, without any investigation, knowing the 401 electors from those 31 States were not constitutionally chosen and thus no candidate for President and Vice President received a majority of the 538 available electoral votes.

    On February 14, 2021, Robert Schulz, Anthony Futia Jr. and all others similarly situated filed a Complaint in the D.C. District Court against the Congress of the United States. For relief, the Court was asked to direct the House to choose the President, and direct the Senate to choose the Vice President, all in accordance with the terms of the 12th Amendment.

    Congress did not respond to the lawsuit or the Court Summons and made no appearance in either the District Court or the Court of Appeals.

    The lower courts dismissed the case for lack of standing.

    The case reached the U.S. Supreme Court. On June 27, 2022 it was assigned Case No. 21-1593.

    American Jurisprudence 2d (Am Jur 2d) is the legal profession’s leading legal reference.

    According to 32 AMJUR POF 2d 253:

    Silence constitutes admission in civil proceedings when circumstances are such that one ought to speak and does not.

    A party’s silence may be construed for evidentiary purposes as a tacit admission of the facts stated where a statement is made in its presence in regard to facts affecting its rights, and it makes no reply.

    NOTE: Here, a statement in the form of a Complaint with a detailed statement of the facts proving that 63 violations of the Electors Clause occurred in 31 States was served on every member of Congress.
    It is frequently held that evidence of a party’s silence can be introduced as proof of an admission if the following conditions are shown to have existed:

    the statement in question was made in the party’s presence and hearing. NOTE: Every member of the Senate and every member of the House of Representatives along with the Senate Legal Counsel and the Office of General Counsel of the House of Representatives were served with a complete copy of the Complaint, and

    the party was capable of understanding the meaning of the statement, and
    the party had sufficient knowledge of the facts embraced in the statement to reply thereto, and
    the party was at liberty to deny the statement or otherwise respond to it, and
    the statement was made under such circumstances as would naturally call for a reply, and
    the statement was made by a person normally entitled to a reply.

    Here, each of the listed conditions existed. Congress had a duty as a defendant in a court of law to respond to Petitioners’ claims, and it was fully capable of responding to the two principal claims:

    1) that no candidate for President and no candidate for Vice President received a majority (270) of the available 538 electoral votes because 401 votes were cast by Electors from 31 States who were unconstitutionally chosen and thus whose votes had no legal force, binding power or validity, leaving only 137 constitutionally valid electoral votes to be cast, and

    2) that by knowingly certifying the electoral votes cast by Electors who were unconstitutionally chosen Congress displaced the power committed by the Constitution to the State Legislatures to determine how votes of presidential Electors are to be obtained.

    There are no issues of fact. Congress’ silence equates to admission.


    ALSO: Obama’s Lawyers Officially Admit Birth Certificate is Fake

    NOTHING Biden or Obama did or signed in the Name of We, the People Is Legal or Binding.

    “An Un-Constitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” Norton vs. Shelby County

    “Where Rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be NO rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” Miranda v Arizona, U.S. Supreme Court, 384 US 436, 491 (1966).


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