NASA Hacker Says USA Has Warships In Space

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The US Navy has an intergalactic branch including a fleet of "8 to ten" warships deployed in space, according to hacker Gary McKinnon.

The US Navy has a top-secret intergalactic branch including a top-secret fleet of “8 t0 ten” warships deployed in space with around 25 “non-terrestrial officers” on their books according to high-profile hacker Gary McKinnon, who was arrested for hacking into the US Navy and NASA systems in what was described as “the biggest military computer hack of all time.”

Gary McKinnon is a British lifelong ufologist and computer expert, claimed NASA’s cyber-security was so lax back then, he had no problem breaking in and he didn’t expect to get caught. He used a program called Landsearch to scan documents and files, searching for UFO cover-ups and evidence of extraterrestrial activity, and he was able to remain undetected inside NASA’s commuter systems for two years before he got caught.

President Bush famously demanded that McKinnon should rot in prison for decades. After an intense ten year legal battle in the UK, McKinnon narrowly avoided extradition to the USA, and he is now free to speak about what he found inside the NASA and US Navy computer systems.

He has spoken before about exactly what he discovered during his time scanning NASA’s documents and files, but never in as much detail as in this interview with RichPlanet TV.

McKinnon claims:

  • In Building 8 at Johnson Space Center, Houston, there is someone whose full time job is to airbrush UFOs from images, since they are so commonly captured.
  • He found a US Navy spreadsheet entitled ‘Non-terrestrial officers’. McKinnon admits these words “can be interpreted in various ways,” but one thing is for sure: given the name, we know they’re not based on Earth.
  • McKinnon says there were maybe 25 rows on the excel spreadsheet with officers’ ranks and names, and that the ships had the prefix ‘USS’ just like American sea vessels.
  • He claims there is evidence of “material transfer between ships”, of which he says there are “8 eight to ten.”

McKinnon believes all of this evidence suggests that the US has a fleet of warships in space, which might account for why the Bush administration were so keen to have him incarcerated in the States.

In parts 2, 3 and 4 (below), McKinnon expands on the information shared in this first part (and gives his reasons for not believing in the moon landings, among other things).

Many might be quick to label McKinnon a quack or a liar, but in this interview his body language doesn’t suggest he’s making anything up; in fact, during the course of the fascinating four-part interview, his story is remarkably insightful and consistent.

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