FDA Warns Of High Seizure Risk For Children Shortly After Having Covid Jabs

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child having covid jab

The FDA has warned that there is a high risk of seizure for children very soon after receiving either Moderna or Pfizer-Biontech Covid-19 jabs.

Toddlers and other young children faced a higher risk of seizures shortly after COVID-19 vaccination, according to a new study from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Natural News asks: The real question is WHY are children having seizures a day after getting the shot for the Fauci Flu, and why are these shots still legal to dish out?

“During a febrile seizure, a child is prone to serious injury (and possible death) due to loss of consciousness and uncontrollable movements. During the seizure, if the child falls from a height, or happens to be swimming, the seizure could result in horrible health consequences. There’s also a risk of suffocation during seizures, especially for toddlers during sleep. Plus, after an initial febrile seizure, long-term effects can include neurologic sequelae, epilepsy, and death (with a child mortality rate indicated at 24 percent), though mainstream medicine tries to play this down. Data shows up to a 70 percent risk of recurrence of febrile seizure within the first two years following the first one.

Data for the FDA study of mRNA-vaccine-induced febrile seizures in children came from several commercial databases, including CVS Health, Optum and Carelon Research, compiled from the case files of children 2 to 5 years young. The study was conducted after the researchers identified convulsions and seizures happening frequently among children shortly after getting either the Pfizer or Moderna spike prion stab. The conclusions were rather definitive, with the results ensuring that the seizures, according to researcher’s quote, “are more likely to be associated with vaccination rather than other causes.”

Of the 88 febrile seizures that took place with children who got the Pfizer jab, seven of them happened the DAY OF or the DAY AFTER vaccination. It doesn’t take a doctor or a scientist to figure out that the jabs are deadly and that the child’s body is all out rejecting them. There were 67 cases of febrile seizures documented from the Moderna stab, and ten of those happened within the two-day window.

All seizures that happened two to seven days after vaccinations were EXCLUDED from the primary analysis. Due to mounting pressure from so many more cases popping up after the two-day window, researchers conducted a secondary analysis, using a full seven day risk interval, and you won’t believe what they found. Researchers then identified over 100 children who suffered from febrile seizures and 135 seizure/convulsions from the Pfizer stab. They found 78 children suffered febrile seizures and 106 suffered seizure/convulsions within a week of the Moderna jab

This is one major reason Big Pharma likes to control their own risk assessments, and prevent any independent labs, doctors or scientists from doing these kinds of studies. If they can control the window of reporting, and exclude the scariest figures, they can coerce more parents into getting their babies and children stabbed with dangerous, experimental mRNA shots, and also lessen the questioning, doubting, fear and skepticism that righteously comes when people find out the truth.

So now, to avoid further exposure of the truth about the dangers of the mRNA vascular-clotting, seizure-inducing stabs, the FDA is authorizing NEW versions from Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax, relying on clinical trial data from only 50 cherry-picked humans. Guess who funded that study? The nefarious FDA.”

Niamh Harris
I am an alternative health practitioner interested in helping others reach their maximum potential.