Government Op Who Predicted Super Bowl Score Warns Of Nuclear War

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An ex government "remote viewer" tweeted the Super Bowl score 2 days early, and has released a book exposing plans for a nuclear war in 2018.

On February 5th, 2017 over 111 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl game in which the Patriots played the Falcons. While most people watched an incredibly intense and often unpredictable game with no idea who would win, a very small handful of people, including myself, were watching for another reason:

A full two days before the Super Bowl game, on February 3rd, 2017, a Twitter user claimed that the final score of the game would have The Patriots winning 34 and The Falcons losing with only 28 points. (Note the date, and also know tweets cannot be backdated.)

When the Super Bowl concluded with a shock victory on that fateful Sunday evening, this man’s tweet was proven not just close, but completely accurate.

The New England Patriots beat The Atlanta Falcons with an exact score of 34 to 28 points, just as the man behind the tweet predicted.  

To say I was intrigued would be an understatement.

If you aren’t a sports fan, it doesn’t matter. This prediction becomes much more serious and intriguing when you discover who the man behind the Twitter account is (or, alleges to be….that is up to you to decide).

The anonymous author of the tweet, who goes by the name “Commander Z”, is, according to his biography, an ex-military high level remote viewer. Remote viewing has many definitions, but Wikipedia explains it as: “[T]he practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP) or “sensing with mind”.”

The man says he was trained to remote view, or, “see” the future during a decades-long career. But, before he retired, about ten years ago, he was shown some pretty horrifying information about the coming two years.

Now, before we get too deep into this, it is my duty as a writer to let you know the odds of someone predicting the exact score of the Super Bowl. Depending on what source you read, the chance of predicting the exact score can be anywhere from 1 in 15,000 to 1 in 500, with the most common being 1 in 1000. In other words, not shocking, but we are still very much in “odds of winning the lottery” territory.

According to ESPN’s “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” column, predicting the exact score of the Super Bowl is a “total waste of everyone’s time” – and these are people who live and breathe American football for a living.

They go on to explain odds of prediction: “A decade ago, TMQ did an incredibly scientifically advanced calculation of the odds of predicting an NFL final score, if working within the band of probable score outcomes. I concluded there was roughly a 1-in-500 chance of an exact final score prediction being correct.”

Slate Magazine has even smaller odds of prediction, explaining the process quite well:

Suppose I gave you a week’s card with team names covered and asked you to fill in score predictions, not even knowing the teams’ identities. You would not forecast finals of 55-49 or 4-0. You would pick in the plausible range. You would predict no scores higher than 39 since finals this high are rare even when strong teams play weak ones: Only about 3 percent of NFL outcomes exceed 39 points. You would not predict the impossible final score of 1—although TMQ believes the Canadian singleton rule should be adopted in the NFL. And you would not predict final scores that are possible but rare, these being 2, 4, 5, 8, 11, 15, and 18. Only 3 percent of final scores are these “outliers.”

This leaves 31 numbers in the selection band. So your odds of guessing a final score working entirely at random, not even knowing who the teams are, come to roughly 1-in-31 (plausible numbers on the left side of the score) times 1-in-31 (plausible numbers on the right side), or 1-in-961. Factor back the off chance that the final will be one of the rare numbers, and the result is rough odds of somewhat more than 1-in-1,000 of randomly predicting an exact final score.

So, yes, what this man did, two days before the Super Bowl, is possible, despite the odds literally being against him. However, what he said in the actual original tweet is what gave more than a few people pause – including this author. Lets look at it again:

Money won’t mean much soon? That’s an odd thing to say unless you know something is coming down, which this guy obviously does… I wasn’t the only one who was freaked:

On top of this, this tweet was used by Commander Z as a way to draw readers of his original tweet into learning about a much more serious situation that he wants to urgently warn people about: nuclear war is coming, and people need to start planning immediately.

When he first tweeted, he also announced he would be coming out with a book that would explain everything.

I immediately pre-ordered the book, and when it came out, I devoured it – twice. It is incredible …and horrifying.

Total Annihilation 2018 A.D.: Prepare for Global Nuclear Conflict

For those who have studied many aspects of the new world order, aliens, the occult, the deep state, demons, shadow governments, and everything else found in the “Metaphysical” section of Barnes and Noble, “Commander Z”‘s book is the culmination and potential validation of the worst fears you’ve had about your studies: that it all just might be true.

Now, let’s back up for a second – I am naturally a skeptic, and I think that it is only fair to note this to the reader. I researched extensively about the possibility about backdating a Tweet, and, it is basically completely impossible.

Let me tell you, I researched the possibility/feasibility of backdating tweets for hours because I really, really wanted this guy to be full of you-know-what, but it just isn’t possible to backdate a tweet.

That is what makes Commander Z’s book, “Total Annihilation 2018 A.D.: Prepare for Global Nuclear Conflict”, so much more frightening.

The book isn’t terribly long, and it is a quick (albeit terrifying due to the knowledge it contains) read, and is available on Amazon. I spoke with Commander Z and he told me he wants to lower the price even more – down to 99 cents or even free – but his publisher isn’t letting him at the moment. He really wants this information out there.

Now, with all of that in mind, knowing that this man:

  1. Predicted the Super Bowl score of an insane game where it looked for sure like the losing team would win…
  2. Predicted this 2 full days before the game
  3. Claims his ability to do so is due to his decades of US Government remote-viewing training
  4. Used that prediction as a way to get people to read his excellent book, which is full of what this man (you know, the same man who correctly predicts seemingly impossible things) says is about to happen on Earth in the next 1-2 years…

It made me very interested in reading his book. I am going to be blunt here: most people will not be ready, prepared, or able to handle what he talks about – many will consider it very “out there”, but Commander Z very eloquently explains how we have all (for the most part) been conditioned to think that what he is revealing to us in his book is “out there” (ironic, isn’t it?).

However, for the people who can read with an open mind, the contents of the book are fascinating – and scary. When I say scary, though, I mean scary in the way that it lights a fire under you to get ready for what we all know instinctively is coming.

As for the book itself:

The first chapter is written in first person by Commander Z, then the rest of the book is a transcript written in a question and answer format moderated by “Dan Martingale” (a fake name, as the book points out). The interviews with Commander Z were conducted over the course of a few days in October of 2016 and January of 2017. Martingale is a former state House Representative, which makes their exchange in the ensuing chapters all the more interesting.

Martingale begins by getting the basics out of the way: 9/11, the moon landings, aliens – all of it. He notes that he is asking the questions because many readers may be distracted from the important information in the book if they were left wondering why questions about these topics weren’t asked and answered. (Spoiler alert: the answers make much more sense than anything you’ve read online or in a conspiracy book – making the book very quickly feel authentic and grounded in truth.)

Once that is out of the way, we learn how Commander Z worked for NATO and was, essentially, plucked from his post one day and taken to a base in a country you wouldn’t expect (you’ll have to read the book). That was the beginning of his training in remote viewing – but, as he points out (this all began in 1985), he was eventually told he was learning all sorts of classified information about how the world really works, but it was all a lie. In other words, the first batch of secrets the higher ups in government were telling him were meant to further confuse and distract him and many others.

As time went on, he became friends with a CIA agent working in the same facility as him, he slowly (due to heavy monitoring of all conversations) learned that he shouldn’t believe anything he was being told. Commander Z admits to Martingale that he didn’t believe he was being lied to for almost ten years, even after his CIA friend tried to warn him.

Then, a decade later, things began to unravel as he made friends with who he describes as “patriots” who were on the inside of this secret government work. Eventually, he was brought to a facility in the western United States and allowed to view a document on a quantum computer (yes, he claims they exist in VERY rudimentary form.) It was then he was told the awful truth about what was happening on Earth and what was coming down beginning in 2018.

Without completely spoiling the book, because, I truly believe it is an extremely important read for everyone, the same man who remote viewed and proved his knowledge and abilities by tweeting the Super Bowl 51 score two days before it happened tells readers the following:

  1. The plan is for a nuclear war, but not in the way you would imagine, beginning in 2018.
  2. There are entities that have overtaken the consciousness of  most high-up government and media figures, but not in the “crazy wackadoodle” conspiracy way – this information about what and how this has happened is unlike anything you have ever read before – and it makes sense.
  3. Trump was allowed to win, and the ones in control are afraid of him – they are afraid of many humans – but that is part of the reason these entities are here in the first place.
  4. We are being controlled by nano-bots in our food, water, air – all of it…
  5. What we need to do to prepare (spoiler alert, there isn’t a whole lot – we are at the end of the game, according to what he explains, but it doesn’t mean we can’t survive)

One thing I found that rang very true for me was that Commander Z explained that he and his publisher purposely made the cover of the book look “crazy” and like every other conspiracy looney book cover. They have made the advertising cheesy on purpose.

So, why is Commander Z doing all of this? He says he doesn’t want to die knowing he didn’t try to warn and help people. He acknowledges that this book will probably be “erased” and taken down eventually (another reason I recommend you buy the print version, available here, as soon as possible), and that he himself may be erased or made to look like a fool.

Reading this book left me with a lot to consider. I wish he hadn’t tweeted the Super Bowl prediction. I wish he hadn’t done that because it could let me move on and pass this book off as something to ignore.

But, once you read it, you will see it isn’t something that can be ignored.

For the ultimate skeptics out there, I ask you to help me find out how he did two impossible things – or, one of two: 1.) predicted the score of a game with all of the odds against him, or 2.) hacked into Twitter to backdate a post.

Whether you believe all he says or not is up to you, I personally am still digesting, but I must say, Commander Z has been right so far, and from speaking with him, I believe he really wants to get this information out there. He told me he will put the book out for free if he needs to.

Some say that he created an account, locked his tweets, then posted a bunch of possible scores, deleted the wrong ones, then unlocked the account – while this is possible, this still leaves his odds of getting the score exactly correct the same as before. Also, searches of Google cache prove this theory wrong.

Commander Z google

What he did, no matter how he did it, is eerie when combined with his book and the very important information contained within – plus his tweet wasn’t just to predict the score – it was a warning. I believe people should listen to what he has to say. Naysayers are always welcome, but in this case, move on if you are skeptical – this book probably isn’t for you anyway. To everyone else, brace yourselves for an interesting next 12-18 months.

To buy Commander Z’s book, “Total Annihilation 2018 A.D.: Prepare for Global Nuclear Conflict“, CLICK HERE

To follow Commander Z on Twitter, CLICK HERE

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