Tear gas, injuries reported as thousand demand Pakistan PM resign

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‘Police in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, fire tear gas as at least 8,000 people have gathered in the city center demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation. A group of protesters threatened to march on the PM’s house to force him to quit.

According to NDTV’s Twitter, at least eight policemen are among 77 people who were injured in clashes outside Sharif’s house and the Parliament House.

This is the first time the rally came directly to the office of the prime minister.

Thousands of demonstrators, led by former cricket hero Imran Khan and moderate cleric Tahir ul-Qad, have been camped outside the parliament for more than two weeks. They accuse Sharif of huge electoral fraud in parliamentary elections last year, in which his Muslim League won the maximum number of votes.

The PM has refused to step down.’

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