Does Bilderberg Run The World? One Chart Will Help You Decide

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Does Bilderberg Run The World?

With the Bilderberg 2016 meeting taking place behind closed doors, protected by armed guards and military at the Taschenbergpalais hotel in Dresden, many people are now wondering: just how realistic are the allegations that the Bilderbergers run the world?

To help readers decide for themselves, here is a chart laying out the linkages and connections – financial, political, statutory and otherwise – between the elite core of people who comprise the Bilderberg cabal and the rest of the world.

If the powers that be wanted to stoke the flames of the theory that there is a secret cabal above the elected rulers of the world’s top nations, then Bilderberg is the fuel thrown on that raging fire.

No journalists are allowed inside and there is no opening or closing press conferences or statements.

On top of this no minutes are taken and attendees are urged not to discuss what goes on inside with anybody outside the heavily armed and fortified gates.

The organisers of the Bilderberg meetings, claim it is just the world’s biggest lobby group where they go to network.

Attendees this year include prime ministers, presidents, bankers and former heads of the CIA and MI6, as well as representatives of Deutsche Bank, the European Central Bank, Lazard, plus oil giants Shell and BP.

Bilderberg’s organisers deny any global conspiracy, say they “never sought any publicity”, and deny they can choose the next US president or decide where the next war will take place.

The luxurious, heavily fortified Taschenbergpalais hotel
The luxurious, heavily fortified Taschenbergpalais hotel

The three-day meeting is chaired by Henri de Castries, a 61-year-old French count who is chairman of global insurance firm AXA.

There will be 126 people taking part and agenda topics include China, Europe, migration, the Middle East, Russia and the “geo-politics of energy and commodity prices”.

British Chancellor George Osborne attended last year, but is not on the list this time round.  Michael O’Leary, the colourful boss of Ryanair is taking part this year.

Attendance is by invite only and it has been claimed that those who go will soon be promoted within their chosen field.  Bill Clinton went in 1991 as governor of Arkansas – a year later he was elected as US president.  Former British PM Tony Blair was a shadow minister when he got his invitation in 1993 – four years before his election.

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