Notre Dame Professor Who Said, “Damn the Unvaccinated” Dies Two Weeks After Receiving Booster Shot

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Notre Dame professor died within two weeks of receiving Covid booster shot

A former Notre Dame professor who was a vocal critic of unvaccinated people passed away shortly after she recieved her Covid booster shot.

67-year-old Karen Croake Heisler received her first Pfizer Covid vaccination on January 13, 2021.

“Just got my first dose of the vaccine. Never been happier to be “old.” Now let’s get these vaccines rolling for everyone!” she tweeted at the time. reports: On April 9, Heisler tweeted that she had zero side effects after receiving her second Pfizer jab.

Earlier this month, Heisler tweeted she got her third jab.

“Just received my third Covid vaccine” she tweeted on September 7.

A week later, Heisler started to have complications and cursed the unvaccinated.

Heisler said her cardiologist tried to admit her to the hospital but there are no rooms because of Covid.

About two weeks after her third Covid jab, Karen Croake Heisler passed away.

According to Heisler’s obituary, she died of “cancer-related complications” on September 19.

A couple of Heisler’s students reacted to the news of her death.

Heisler is survived by her husband, two sons and sister.


  1. I think she should be damming the scientists who created covid and the vaccine really IMO. Its their fault All of it. Including the people who funded it, which I think was Fauci and quite likely Gates.

    • But then that would be the logical thing to anyone except the over brainwashed politically correct idiots who roll up for the most untested vaccine therapy ever imaginable in any sane person’s worst Frankensteinien nightmare.

  2. All I can say is FANTASTIC! This world will be better off without a moonbat like her. The shot does work as designed….BYEBYE

    • She had zero compassion for people in hospital with Covid. She complained there were no beds, yet she admits getting into ER. Fact is, people are getting sick who have been vaxxed and many vaxxed are having cardiac problems.

  3. It’s wonderful to get justice in this world & that’s what has happened here. Good riddance to another rotten cabal puppet.

  4. She was a very vocal in public and ln twitter. Does anyone see that she mentioned having cancer? A lot of her admirers pasts look surprised. Also, her tweet mentions her cardiologist (not oncologist) trying to check her into the hospital.
    Of course, the media is not going to report the truth. Heart problem caused by the vax? Elementary Dear Watson!

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