‘Woke’ MLB Player Arrested for Raping His Baby Daughter

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MLB's Juan Encarnacion arrested for raping his own daughter

Former MLB player Juan Encarnacion has been arrested for raping his underage daughter, the attorney general’s office in the Dominican Republic’s National District province has announced.

Encarnacion’s daughter is a minor and the child’s mother said that Encarnacion brutally raped the girl last May, when the complaint occurred.

The National District attorney general’s confirmed that Encarnacion is in custody at the Palace of Justice in Santo Domingo, and that he will be hauled before a judge on Saturday afternoon.

Espn.com reports: According to a report published by Dominican newspaper Diario Libre, Rosalba Ramos, the head of the prosecution, pointed out that the authorities requested a year of preventive detention against the former player.

The prosecution argues that Encarnacion, 45, entered the room of the minor while she was sleeping and touched private areas of her body, committing the sexual assault for which he is accused.

The prosecution’s accusation formally establishes that Encarnacion’s actions violated numerals 1 and 2 of Article 332 of the Dominican Penal Code, which refer to incest and carry a maximum penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

Because of the nature of the accusation, Dominican criminal laws prohibit Encarnacion from being released on bail.


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