Video: Man Dies After Snake Bite At Church Ceremony

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A man named John David Brock died at a church in Kentucky after being bitten by a snake.

According to GeoBeats:

Church services often involve a lot of scripture reading, sermon giving, and singing, but in some cases snake handling is involved.

For a man in Bell County, Kentucky the latter sort ended up being fatal.

John David Brock was at the Mossy Simpson Pentecostal Church, located in the town of Jenson, when he was bitten on the left arm by a snake. 

According to authorities, Brock refused medical attention. 

The sheriff’s office also noted that the man went to his brother’s house, where he was later pronounced dead by the area’s coroner. 

An investigation is underway, and churchgoers have thus far declined to comment. 

Snake handling as a part of a religious practice occurs mostly in the southern Appalachian region. 

It’s intended as a show of faith and has its origins in the Bible’s Gospel of Mark, a passage of which suggests that believers are impervious to such dangers.

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