Parents Outraged Over Philadelphia Schools Plan To Hold Drag Event For 6 Yr Olds

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Drag Queen story hour

The popular Albert Greenfield public school in Philadelphia has sparked outrage after announcing that it plans to host a Drag Queen Story Hour for its first graders.

Parents of the six to seven year olds were furious after they were sent a notification about the forthcoming drag queen story hour with their child’s class.

In response to the parent’s concern, Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee State Sen. Doug Mastriano vowed, if elected, to appoint a secretary of education who would curb “woke nonsense” and focus instead on “preparing students for the real world.”

“Our schools need to get back to the basics of education, not indoctrination. It’s absurd for anyone to think that a sexually-charged story-hour with drag queens is appropriate for young children,” Mastriano told Fox News

Libs of TikTok reports: Alarmed parents reached out to Libs of TikTok after receiving an email Saturday, October 22 stating, “Your child’s classroom will be participating in the Drag Queen Story Hour!” Of course, there was no opt-out option mentioned, no discussion with parents, and no approval process. “We look forward to an energetic, diverse, and inclusive story hour that celebrates every type of family,” the email read.

Greenfield school and schools across the country are holding parents hostage to their desired agenda by creating an atmosphere of fear. Parents are afraid to speak up. One Philadelphia parent told Libs of TikTok that it feels like she is in a “war zone with no allies.” We all know what comes with the territory of simply saying you don’t want your 6-year-old exposed to the hyper-sexualization that comes with drag queens — you are immediately ostracized and labeled a homophobic bigot.

It is still unclear why it is necessary to have a man, dressed as a caricature of a woman, reading to children in order to promote literacy. Thinking about this for only 4.3 seconds, I can think of about a dozen other ways to encourage kids to read.

A parent from the school said she is finally waking up to the real agenda, “It’s got to be everywhere, on repeat, and they have to start them as soon as possible. That is the strategy…remove parents’ authority and rights.” 

The School District of Philadelphia responded to Libs of TikTok’s request for comment by defending the Drag Queen Story Hour for first graders saying they are committed to “inclusivity.” The District also claims that parents have the option to opt out, despite there being no option in the email notification about the event:

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