Greenwald Drops Bombshell: Russiagate Hoax Tricked Dems into Pushing for WWIII

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In a shocking revelation, Glenn Greenwald has exposed how the Russiagate hoax was orchestrated to deceive Democrats into backing World War III.

In a shocking revelation, Glenn Greenwald has exposed how the Russiagate hoax was orchestrated to deceive Democrats into backing World War III.

During a recent episode of his podcast System Update, Greenwald criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Speaking with fellow journalist Michael Tracey, Greenwald questioned why the American establishment is willing to risk nuclear war with Russia to protect Ukraine.

Greenwald referenced the fact that, despite being a common conventional wisdom in Washington, including articulated by President Obama, Ukraine is not and never will be a vital interest to the United States. However, it has always been and always will be a vital interest to Russia. Despite this, the U.S. has poured large amounts of money into fueling the war in Ukraine and depleted its own weapons stockpile.

Greenwald then asked why Ukraine is so important to the U.S. that it is heavily involved in the conflict there. He noted that the only group opposing America’s role in the war in Ukraine is the Trump wing of the Republican party, while the overwhelming majority of the Republican establishment and every single Democrat still support the war.

Greenwald suggested that GOP RINOS support the war because of their instinctive warhawk ideology, while Democrats’ devotion to the Ukraine war stems from false claims of Russian election interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. He explained that Democrats have inculcated every liberal in the United States into hating Vladimir Putin, not for any geopolitical reasons, but because they blame him for Hillary Clinton’s defeat, something which they have not even proven.

Greenwald went on to say that the conflict in Ukraine is a “proxy war” between the U.S. and Russia, with Ukraine being used as a pawn in a larger geopolitical game.

He also criticized the media for its one-sided coverage of the conflict, saying that it has failed to present a balanced view of the situation.

“The media has been so one-sided in its coverage of Ukraine,” Greenwald said. “It’s really a disgrace how they’ve just become stenographers for the U.S. government.”

Greenwald’s comments come amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, with both sides accusing the other of aggressive behavior.

The Biden administration has expressed support for Ukraine and has vowed to stand by the country in the face of Russian aggression. However, some critics, like Greenwald, argue that the U.S. should not be getting involved in what is essentially a conflict between two neighboring countries.

As for the false claims of Russian election interference, Greenwald believes that they are being used to justify the U.S.’s involvement in the conflict.

“It’s all about Russiagate,” he said. “That’s the core of their devotion to this conflict. They want to show that they’re tough on Russia, that they’re not in collusion with Russia, and that they’re standing up to Russian aggression.”

In conclusion, Greenwald believes that the U.S. needs to reevaluate its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine and stop risking nuclear war with Russia over a country that is not a vital interest to the United States.


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  2. WW4 as starfish prime was ww3 a near space war/cuban missle controls from russian satellites-JFK!!!!& than the space peace agreements

  3. Dumb people believe a load of it, so in fact he’s revealing that is what the Democrats are. Only a dumb person hasn’t known they needed to overthrow Russia to set up One Church and Crown of the world.

  4. I think an actual nuc or wide spread conventional war is not what they want. They are going to kill us mostly by our food and medicines ironically. They don’t want to have to build infrastructure after they are successful in obliderating 80% of the population. So watch what you eat and drink mostly.

    • “They don’t want to have to build infrastructure”

      On the contrary.

      In Europe a law has just been passed forcing people to reconstruct older builings and replace oil and gas heating with heat pumps.
      Problem is, this is not done in a sensible fashion but they will brute force it resulting in (older) home owners generating so much debt that they will either collapse financially or sell their houses which will then get torn down.
      There are not nearly enough heat pumps being produced to satisfy the demand for new buildings right now let alone to retrofit older ones — not even considering that heat pumps often contain problematic coolants.

      We are talking about hundreds of billions here.

      Apparently not all European countries will comply but Germany is even accelerating its crash course to make the country deindustrialize itself and become uninhabitable.

      That’s what you get when you vote left & green instead of “far right” (as the “not far right” has become defacto left, too).

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