Biden Spent Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On Hunter’s Sex-Trafficked Prostitutes Says Sen. Ron Johnson

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Joe and Hunter Biden

Senator Ron Johnson told Fox News viewers that the much-anticipated House Oversight Committee hearing on Biden family criminal activity will prove that Joe paid for his son Hunter’s hookers who were solicited from a global sex trafficking ring.

Described just one of the several explosive findings from the committee’s investigations, Sentaor Johnson said: “We have the evidence that Hunter Biden paid tens of thousands of dollars for prostitutes that were sex trafficked through an international sex trafficking ring…”

InfoWars reports: During the time Hunter was spending tens of thousands of dollars on sex-trafficked prostitutes, Joe offered to give his son around $100,000 to cover the crackhead’s expenses.

Senator Johnson described Joe’s enabling of Hunter’s sex and drug addictions as “sick.”

This interview comes just a day after House Oversight Chair Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) told the American public to expect potentially historic revelations related to Biden family criminal activities to be released on Wednesday.

He even warned the DOJ, “Do not indict Hunter Biden before Wednesday…” because they will have loads of additional evidence to use for prosecution.

At least nine members of the Biden family, including Joe, Hunter, Joe’s brother Jim and six others are allegedly involved in a massive racketeering and money laundering conspiracy where they reportedly deposited millions of dollars into funds in China and other foreign nations using shady shell companies and other means.

The New York Post, one of the leading outlets investigating and reporting on the potential indictment of Hunter Biden, was banned from White House press events one day before the House Committee is set to make its findings public.

This move hints the Biden administration may be worried about the impending revelations about possible misconduct and illegal activity.


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  3. When the Justice System fails then Justice will eventually be a quick shot in the head for the Criminals.

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