QAnon Follower Foils Trump Assassination Plot; Man Held On $1M Bond

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Kate Mazzochetti, a brave follower of QAnon, helped foil an assassination attempt against Donald Trump in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on Thursday.

Kate Mazzochetti, a brave follower of QAnon, helped foil an assassination attempt against Donald Trump in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on Thursday.

On the day of President Trump’s rally in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Mazzochetti wrote on Twitter, “Well @Potus – Our paths cross at the Rally today This ‘Mystery Woman’ would really like to hug OUR FAVORITE PRESIDENT I’m sure @SecretService would have stopped this guy too but I’m glad I got him off the streets before you arrived 😗.”

Accompanying the tweet is a photo of a newspaper article detailing the arrest of Jeffrey Boyd, 55, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is currently being held in Columbia County on a $1 million bond.

After hearing her story, troopers searched for Boyd and found him in the parking lot of a grocery store in Briar Creek. They searched his vehicle and found a loaded gun and extra ammunition.

President Trump was in Pennsylvania to campaign for Rep. Lou Barletta’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. “It’s a scary thought that someone would come from Tulsa to get to this area just to hunt down the president, so those are scary things,” said Bob Reap of Berwick.

According to WNEP, Jeffrey Boyd was arrested in the Briar Creek Township on August 1. The station says that authorities believe Boyd was planning to kill the president and members of the first family because he was “hearing voices.”

WNEP reports that “a woman” went to the state police barracks in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, to warn them about Boyd. The woman, who is not identified, says Boyd showed up at her door on July 30. The pair had been conversing on Twitter prior to this. She says she agreed to meet him for lunch the following day. The pair ate at Hog’s Hollow Saloon, close to Briar Creek. The owner said that Boyd’s behavior was “confused and manic.”

Heavy reports: The woman says that Boyd told her over lunch that the CIA is doing tests on him which caused him to hear voices telling him to do harm. Boyd was arrested later that day in the parking lot of a grocery store. Authorities said they found a gun and ammunition in his car.

The woman who foiled the apparent attack told the Press Enterprise that she was shocked when “Jeff from Tulsa pulled into her driveway.” The woman insisted she had no relationship with Boyd. She said she was further shocked when Boyd showed her a spreadsheet of all of the information he had learned about her. The woman had been careful not reveal her real identity on Twitter.

On one of her Twitter pages, Mazzochetti writes in the bio section, “QAnon Patriots are NOT Violent. We are VIGILANT!” According to that page, Mazzochetti operates two other pages, one named “UrWORSTknightMARE,” and another named, “Gypsy Queen.” On the latter profile, Mazzochetti writes in the bio section, “The truth will be revealed. I’m counting the ways. I made a lot of copies. #ShadowBanned #MAGA.”

Mazzochetti’s actions have been noticed by the QAnon forum. A post on the day of Trump’s rally in Wilkes Barre read, “Patriot who stopped a possible assassination attempt will be at the Trump Rally IN A Q SHIRT. Retweet! There’s a chance POTUS might point her out! Q in the SPOTLIGHT saving pres.” Mazzochetti has posted multiple videos from the rally:

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