John Kerry: There Wasn’t a ‘Whiff of a Scandal’ During Obama’s Reign

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John Kerry claims there was not a whiff of a scandal during the Obama administration's 8 year reign

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has declared that Barack Obama’s administration “never had a whiff of a scandal” during the entire 8 years.

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Newsroom,” Kerry heaped praise on former Vice President Joe Biden, saying:

“I find that Joe Biden’s breadth of experience and leadership with any number of issues from the Violence Against Women Act to the Assault Weapons Ban to arms control agreements, to pushing an administration to make peace where it didn’t want to initially be involved, I think those things will really ring strongly against the other candidacies in this race. That’s why I’m here.”

“I believe Joe Biden is the only person who has the set of relationships around the world, who has had this unbelievable breadth of experience as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and then as vice president for eight years, and an administration, by the way, which never had a whiff of scandal,” he added. reports: Kerry, 76, endorsed Biden last month, citing the former vice president’s experience. He also excused the Delaware Democrat’s numerous slip-ups, saying, “Who hasn’t done that over a lifetime? He is just honest, straightforward.”

The Massachusetts Democrat’s claim of no scandals over the Obama administration has also been repeated by Biden himself. The 2020 candidate claimed days after launching his campaign that there was “not one single whisper of scandal” when he and Obama were in office.

Biden, 77, is the current front-runner in the Democratic presidential primary. He would be the oldest person elected president.


  1. What a joke from a MA tax cheat who had his 7M yacht built overseas so he would not pay the American shipbuilder wages.
    Once it was built, he docked it in Newport, RI so he would not pay the MA excise tax even though he is a resident of MA.
    Kerry would gladly give someone the shirt off YOUR back, while he keeps HIS.

    • I’m originally from RI. The Newport residents were really pi$$ed that the elites on the Newport town council let him get away with it.

  2. From the Pieces of Puzzle I put together The picture “appears” to be:

    In 2014 Obama admin helps overthrow the Ukraine govt. 

    VP Biden is appointed the US-Ukraine contact; sons of BiDEN, Pelosi, Romney & Kerry are placed on Ukraine Boards.

    Obama sends billion$ of US taxpayer dollars to Ukraine that gets funneled as kickback percentage $$$$$$$ commissions to the Sons on the Boards. With John Kerry and his Son that includes Iran also with the Billions of Dollars shipped to Iran on Pallets in the Middle of the Night, I’m sure there was some kind of Kickback Scheme also.

    Today those involved in the Obama-Ukraine caper, like whistleleaker Eric , create the impeachment smoke screen to conceal the kickback scheme and protect the profiting Democrats. 
    I am DUMBFOUNDED that no one remembers when Victoria Newland, (US State Dept under President OBAMA) spilled the beans on open mic that the US State Dept, in concert with NAZl $0R0S, spent $5 billion to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine, and tried to install a REAL NAZl government on Russia’s border. (Remember, 20 million Russians died in WW2 at the hands of REAL NAZl’s) They all got the honeypot gas deals for their role in $0R0S’s madness. Then the SAME people blame Russia for “Russian aggression” in protecting their people in Crimea… Now Russia is certainly no angel, but the OBAMA state department was 100% in the wrong there, and set US / Russian relations back 50 years with that stunt; thereby, GREATLY diminishing the national security of the United States of America. The OBAMA administration is administration in its entirety should be Tried for treason and Conspiracy to commit Treason for its actions in Ukriane. Now do you WONDER why they are fighting against PRESIDENT TRUMP so much? Perhaps because PRESIDENT TRUMP is exposing this treason racket in the wide open so everyone can see. Oh, and haters, don’t bother trying to argue my points, they are FACTS… FACTS available to anyone who dares do the research, and I will not entertain any conspiracy theories to the contrary.
    This impeachment Scheme and Hoax is the same as the Russian Collusion Hoax.. It’s just the Democrats Obstructing Justice and Covering Crimes from the Corrupt Obama Administration….

    • I wish something large would land on the Senate/House while all members are present. I’ll live with a little collateral damage.

  3. Lurch must have a stuffed up nose. Buck Ofama’s regime was scandalous from day one, as he did not meet the citizenship requirement. Hell, even Bubba Clinton knew it, but somebody must have paid him handsomely to keep his hillbilly trap shut.

  4. Not a whiff? Get your nose checked! Here’s just a short list!!

    Benghazi debacle
    Obamacare scandal “You can Keep Your Health Plan”
    Uranium-1 sale
    Fast and Furious weapons sale
    IRS Targeting scandal
    Hillary’s Secret Server
    Iran nuclear deal ransom payments
    Solyndra scandal
    VA Healthcare and death list scandal
    Illegal investigation of and spying on press
    Eric Holder Perjury
    GSA junkets at taxpayer’s expense
    VA at Disney World at taxpayer’s expense
    Pigford farm scandal
    NSA and Snowden scandal
    Bergdahl prisoner swap scandal
    Secret Service hookers scandal
    Government shutdown targeting

  5. The stench of the rotting corpse of the young mother shit to death at the shire house gates , in cold blood and for no reaso ever other than she had a new baby and was insisting on seeing the president. leaves a permanent stain on his soul for eternity

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