Forced Chemo Girl Fights Supreme Court

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The controversy about 17-year-old Cassandra being forced to undergo Chemo by the Supreme court, continues as the family plan to fight the ruling. 

Cassandra remains in hospital as she is being treated for Hodgkins Lymphoma in Hartford. She isn’t allowed any contact with her mother Jackie Fortin. Thousands of well wishers have sent letters and messages of support to Cassandra who remains a prisoner of the state while she is forced a treatment she doesn’t want.

Fortin intends to fight the ruling so that Cassandra can seek the alternative treatment she wants. reports:

“This is her decision. Her body, other alternatives, less invasive forms of chemo,” Fortin said.

Though Fortin said she has been banned from contact with Cassandra in recent weeks, she just wants her home.

I won’t stop fighting, keep pushing for my daughter, keeping her locked in the hospital. This is outpatient treatment. Won’t take phone calls, no communication,” Fortin said.

Cassandra received letters of support from around the world and she claimed that the hospital and DCF are getting threats.

The hospital hasn’t returned request for comment and DCF declined to comment.

“There’s people that want to be heard like my daughter wants to be heard,” Fortin said. “Inhumanely treated, stopped her and forced surgery on her, mental and emotional abuse. Stuck in a room. Now it’s survival mode.”

Fortin said there will be legal action.

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