‘So Help Me God’ Is Again An Optional Phrase In Air Force Enlistment Oath (VIDEO)

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The U.S. Air Force has reinstated its rule that the phrase ‘so help me God’ may be omitted from the enlistment oath.

It had previously been their policy that airmen could say or leave out the phrase based on their personal preference.

Yet, somehow the allowance disappeared from the military branch’s rules in October of 2013.

The retraction of the exception prohibited one unnamed airman from carrying through with his reenlistment process.

He was told that as long as he refused to officially acknowledge the phrase he couldn’t be a member of the Air Force.

When the American Humanist Association learned of this they sent a letter to the branch’s inspector general and several officers.

In it they highlighted the relevant parts of the US Constitution that guarantee religious freedom.

Also included was the organization’s planned course of action should the issue not be resolved, which included litigation at both the federal and individual levels.

The Air Force has since released a statement saying that they’ve restored the exclusion rule.

It was also announced that the paperwork of the airman who was prevented from reenlisting “will be processed to completion.”

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