UK Government BANS Word ‘Women’ From Ovarian Cancer Guidance in ‘Hate Speech’ Crackdown

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Woke UK government bans the word 'WOMEN' from cancer guidance

The UK government has banned the word ‘women’ from guidance pages on overian cancer as part of its crackdown on so-called ‘hate speech.’

The National Health Service website removed all instances of the word “women” in order to be more “inclusive” towards trans and non-binary people.

“The NHS’s erasure of ‘women’ is from their resources on ovarian, cervical, and womb cancers, all of which only impact women,” The Post Millennial reported. reports: The PM posted screenshots of the NHS guidance before and after the woke mob intervened:



The NHS website also now states that ovarian cancer can affect “trans men, non-binary people and intersex people with ovaries.” 

The report notes that when the NHS was contacted for an explanation, they were unaware of the changes and referred the reporter to NHS Digital, an agency that manages the government health site.

NHS Digital eventually responded, noting “We use language that is inclusive, respectful and relevant to the people reading it.” 

The group added “It is not correct to say that there is no mention of women on the ovarian cancer pages. We have updated the pages as part of our routine review of web pages to keep them in line with the best clinical evidence, and make them as helpful as possible to everyone who needs them.”

The report also notes that guidance on prostate cancer on the NHS site has not been altered and still notes that only men can get it.

Believe it or not, some ‘doctors’ are agreeing to transplant wombs into trans people. That is happening:

The British Health Secretary Sajid Javid commented on the development, saying “I don’t think it’s right,” and adding “biological sex matters”.

Javid told Sky News “You won’t be surprised to know that as a health secretary, I think that your that your sex matters, your biological sex is incredibly important to make sure you get the right treatment, the very best treatment.”

He noted that he is looking into the matter, adding “It’s important that when messaging is given to people for cancers that words like women and men are used,” adding that prostate cancer, for example, only affects “those that are biologically male”.

 “I know there’s some sensitivity around this language, but we have to use common sense and use the right language so that we can give people the best possible patient care,” Javid further asserted.


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