Sean Lennon Blasts MSM for Wuhan Virus ‘Double Standard’, Spreading Chinese Propaganda

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Sean Lennon blasts media for Wuhan virus double standard and for spreading Communist China propaganda

Sean Lennon has blasted the news media over its coverage of the coronavirus outbreak, accusing them of spreading Chinese Communist propaganda and engaging in double standards.

The son of John Lennon took to Twitter Wednesday to vent his frustration with the way mainstream media journalists are reportong on the global pandemic, especially when it comes to China.

“The official media have lost their legitimacy,” he declared.

Lennon accused journalists of parroting official Chinese figures with little scrutiny. He appeared to be referring to numerous media reports claiming that the U.S. has surpassed all countries in terms of COVID-19 diagnoses.

But those reports all rely on Beijing’s dodgy claim that China has only seen 82,361 cases. reports :On Wednesday, U.S. intelligence officials reportedly concluded that China has been concealing the true extent of the coronavirus outbreak within its borders by under-reporting total cases and deaths. Bloomberg reported  on a new intelligence study that found that China’s public reporting is intentionally incomplete and that China’s numbers are fake.
“Why do we need U.S. ‘Intelligence’ to tell us what we all already know?” Lennon tweeted.

Lennon also called out news outlets that have engaged in a double standard by initially calling the illness the “Wuhan virus” only to later tell people that using such terms is racist.

Numerous outlets including CNN, Buzzfeed, and The Washington Post have called the illness the “Wuhan coronavirus” or the “Chinese coronavirus.” But since President Donald Trump started calling it the “Chinese virus,” some of the same outlets have warned that such a name constitutes racist language.

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  1. Sean, most with celebrity status won’t risk speaking the truth. Have you departed from the group think of your industry peers? The hypocrisy you cite is spot on correct. The industry – media, movie and music sold their souls for relevance. They are puppets for a group of very powerful elites who will stop at nothing to have control of the world – at all costs including human lives. Perhaps you know this, already. God Bless you Mr. Lennon.

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