Video: Rhino Calf Rescued By Passing Motorists

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Unfortunately, rhinos are all too often the target for poachers. One young rhino, that is thought to have lost her mother to poachers, is still alive and has placed her trust in humans to care for her.

The rhino calf was discovered wandering along the side of the road by passing drivers inside South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Liam Burrough was one of the motorists.

On his Facebook page, Burrough described that first encounter noting “Badly dehydrated, covered in wounds and clearly in desperate search of shade, the calf approached my car. She called out into emptiness, looked on for a moment and then rested her chin on my door.”

Burrough claimed she slumped onto her stomach and rested right next to his group. The companions waited for park rangers to arrive.

In the meantime, the group poured water on the calf’s hot skin to keep her cool. Burrough did his best to calm the rhino and let her know she would be all right.

She was later transferred to Care For Wild Africa’s wildlife rehabilitation center, where other orphaned rhinos reside.

Staffers there say she’s doing very well.

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