School Bans Unvaccinated Kids From Classroom

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California school bans unvaccinated kids from the classroom

Hundreds of unvaccinated kids in California have been ordered to stay out of the classroom due to the apparent risk they pose to their vaccinated peers. 

One-quarter of students attending the Mariposa School of Global Education in Agoura Hill were told to steer clear of the school due to an outbreak of chickenpox that began in Macrh. reports: Daniel Stepenosky, the superintendent of Las Virgenes Unified School District that includes the Mariposa School, acknowledged to CBS Los Angeles that three students were found to have chickenpox. “A kindergartener, a first-grader, a third-grader. The first case happened around mid-March. The student was immunized, however still contracted chickenpox.”

According to local newspaper The Acorn, Stepenosky noted that “(It’s) interesting . . . the first of three cases was a student that was fully immunized. . . . He was the vaccinated one.”

This student was reported to have contracted the disease back in March. After two more cases were found, the school district took action to keep the unvaccinated students out of school for three weeks.

While individual school policies vary according to state laws, it’s typical for school officials to notify parents who do not vaccinate their children when an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease occurs. About 400 students attend Mariposa School of Global Education. Around ninety of those students have not been vaccinated for chickenpox, and on May 1st the parents of those students were ordered to keep their children home for 21 days.

“Given that there were three cases, given that they were in three different grades, the health department gave the directive to exclude students who are not immunized,” said Stepenosky.

Vaccination rates at the Mariposa School have risen greatly in recent years. In 2015, it was reported that about 40% of the students were current on vaccinations; following changes in state law, that number is up to 80%.

In 2016, the state of California halted the allowance of personal and religious exemptions for vaccinations, and currently, only medical exemptions issued by licensed doctors are allowed.

“There are legitimate medical waivers,” Stepenosky said. “For example, a student with a compromised immune system, which could be for any reason, is often because they are fighting cancer.”

The chickenpox vaccine has been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be 90% effective if an individual has received two doses.

The CDC also notes that “some people who are vaccinated against chickenpox may still get the disease. However, it is usually milder with fewer blisters and little or no fever.”


  1. Orwellian. The children without vaccinations have stronger immune systems. Send the kids with vaccinations home if they had any sense.

    If a child is fed and supplemented properly, WHY would you NOT want them exposed to basic illnesses? They get to sit at home, learn endurance, and relax from life with some discomfort. But by doing this, you favorably help build them a massive immune system. It is the same reason you DO NOT feed a child, and especially adolescents, gluten and favorably any grass grains, for allowing their gut to develop and stay healthy.

    No one follows this nowadays, and everyone is sick every 1-3 months. Yeah, real surprise. Even summer colds exist now. PATHETIC.

  2. this makes no sense. they can’t be a hazard to other kids, because the other kids have been vaccinated & should be of no danger

  3. Vaccines is yet another lie of satan’s servants to destroy mankind.
    Satan is the father of lies.

  4. Medical Hypocrits, ” If people don’t get sick, we don’t make any profits, so we must focus all of our energy on the cure not the cause.” Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

  5. Fingal you fungal dickhead…you feed children what you can afford to feed them.. you have been reading too many new age magazines.. fingal… lol.. what a name.. fingal the fungal…. … lol.. dickhead

  6. all vaccines are poisons designed to damage the childrens immune system ,making them sick for the rest of their lives.Tell tour families to ask the older doctors about these facts ,don’t ask the young doctors they are trained by big pharma and the rothchilds

  7. This is zionist BS. If vaccinations work, then the vaccinated will not get whatever they are vaccinated against. But they do not work.
    Anyone, forcing vaccines on children, should be hanged by the damn neck when some of them die from the vaccine, some are disabled for life. No different than if they poisoned the children, as thats exactly what they are doing.

  8. Murikan logic all back to front as usual.. IF vaccines were actually doing their job, WHY are they so scared of unvaccinated children… Just stupid (obviously these ‘people’ had to many vaccines when younger and now suffer with defective thinking).
    When I was young we had chicken pox or mump parties to actually catch it and build our own defenses, not all these poisoned heavy metal jabs kids have by the tens now adays , absolute cruelty.. disgusting.

  9. Also here in Europe there is a lot of fuzz around vaccine policies. Unfortunately (so called independent) govermental institutions seem to be led or at least influenced by pharma industry. Luckily there are people like Dr Tenpenny, Dr Andrew Wakefield who have done massive research on the vaccine policies of govenrments and succeed in bringing out a different story than what’s being told in mainstream (objective?) media.
    I’m not for nor against vaccines; Everyone should in fact inform him/herself and decide. Th most difficult part is getting the right information.
    Vaccines appear to be only the tip of the iceberg what concerns the bigger picture. Do your research!

    Love and Light from Belgium,

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