BLM: Exposing Our Co-Founder Is Inherently ‘Racist’

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Black Lives Matter denounce exposure of their co-founder as racist

Black Lives Matter have officially condemned news outlets exposing their co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors misusing funds, warning that reporters who dare to criticize her are ‘inherently racist.’

As details continue to emerge of the massive profiteering scheme by the self proclaimed marxist, BLM have doubled down by claiming the whole scandal is a “false and dangerous story” being pushed by “right wing forces” and “white supremacists”.

“Patrisse’s work for Black people over the years has made her and others who align with the fight for Black liberation targets of racist violence,” the statement warns, adding “The narratives being spread about Patrisse have been generated by right-wing forces intent on reducing the support and influence of a movement that is larger than any one organization.”

“This right-wing offensive not only puts Patrisse, her child and her loved ones in harm’s way, it also continues a tradition of terror by white supremacists against Black activists,” the statement adds. reports: Conservative author and commentator Candace Owens reacted to the developments Tuesday, noting that Khan-Cullors’ activities are customary for Marxists, who throughout history have stolen from others to enrich themselves.

“She has my respect because she’s unapologetic in her approach,” Owens said, adding “You have to appreciate the honesty. She is not hiding by any means. She is a Communist through and through and she has been unbelievably unapologetic in her approach.”

“The corporations are standing behind her, which is incredibly interesting,” Owens continued, further noting “She is fearful of white people. Well, why doesn’t she want to live amongst Black people? Why is she choosing to move herself into an all-white neighborhood? Those are important questions.”

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