EXPOSED: Marxist BLM Founder Patrisse Cullors Profited Millions Through ‘Woke’ Activism

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BLM founder Patrisse Cullors profited millions through activism

Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors has been exposed for personally profiting millions of dollars through her far-left activism with the extremist group.

According to journalist and former college professor Asra Q. Nomani, Patrisse Cullors purchased multiple luxury homes in some of the wealthiest parts of Los Angeles.

Despite being a self-admitted “trained Marxist,” Cullors and her spouse Janaya Khan set up “a good capitalist consulting firm” that lucratively monetized invented buzzwords that they marketed to gullible, virtue-signaling corporate America and other far-left organizations. reports: According to the New York Post, moreover, Khan-Cullors allegedly has amassed real estate holdings that total $3.2 million in four homes in the U.S, including two others in the Los Angeles area. The couple also reportedly purchased a home near Atlanta, which suggests they are not going to boycott Georgia over the new voting law.

For what it’s worth, 2010 Census Bureau data indicates that the Topango property is situated in an area that is 88 percent white.

The Post also notes that Khan-Cullors “eyed” property at an exclusive celebrity Albany resort in the Bahamas where homes purportedly sell in the range of $5 million to $20 million. “People who buy at the Albany are buying their fourth or fifth home. This is not a second-home residence. It’s extremely high-end, and people are coming here for complete and total privacy,” an insider at the resort supposedly told the Post.

The initial revelation about the Topango Canyon home raised a lot of eyebrows. It also could serve as a reminder perhaps that socialism doesn’t put the one-percenters out of business; it just creates a new elite group at that tier that can exploit their position.

People are free to live here they want to live and invest where they want to invest, assuming they can afford it. The question here seems to be whether this particular scenario is consistent with lecturing about social justice.

“The AP reported that Black Lives Matter took in $90 million in donations last year. It’s not clear if or how Cullors is paid by the organization, as its finances are opaque,” the Daily Mail noted.

In her Twitter thread as alluded to above, Asra Q. Nomani, who co-founded the Muslim Reform Movement, explained that “‘Freedom fighter’ Patrice Cullors and ‘staunch Afrofuturist’ Janaya Khan exploit their association with Black Lives Matter to monetize themselves…as capitalists.”

Nomani opined that the duo followed a traditional path of other consultants by going with a lot of splashy, feel-good but ultimately empty rhetoric.

“‘Transforming Organizations One Strategic Planning Session at a Time.’ In the time honored tradition of (capitalist) consulting firms, they monetize ‘strategic planning,’ ‘media + narrative building,’ and ‘intervention’ and ‘cultural shift work.’ Or gobbledygook,” one tweet reads.

Review the Twitter thread embedded below and draw your own conclusions:

While acknowledging negative feedback, Nomani also thanked people for expressions of support as she posted this information.

Separately, Michael Brown Sr. and other Ferguson, Mo., activists,  last month demanded an accounting from BLM.


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