INSURRECTION: Antifa Sets Portland ICE Building On Fire With Officers Inside

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Antifa sets Portland ICE facility on fire with officers inside the building

Antifa insurrectionists set a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building on fire on Saturday night while agents remained trapped behind locked doors.

The murder attempt began after the far-left group smashed windows on the upper floors of the building.

Videos posted on Twitter show Antifa setting the building on fire while ICE officers fought for their lives inside.

“They then set it on fire while federal officers were inside,” journalist Andy Ngo reported.

“Antifa also obscured the security cameras before launching the arson attack.”

“Burn the precinct to the ground,” Antifa terrorists chanted as the deadly fire raged.

Another video shows the severity of the fire as ICE officers manage to escape from a rear exit in the building.

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