DACA Recipients Turn On DNC: “We Are No Longer Democrats”

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DACA recipients protest DNC

Hundreds of DACA recipients have turned on the DNC, accusing the Democratic party of using them in order to obtain votes during the election .

DACA recipients protested outside DNC headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Monday, letting the party know that they no longer wish to affiliated with them.

Townhall.com reports: According to the DACA recipients, Democrats have done nothing to take away the fear of deportation and they’ve been fighting for rights for too long.

“It’s not fair that every two years I have to reapply to this program [DACA] and live with anxiety for two to three months wondering if I’m going to be able to continue building my life in this country, wondering if I’m going to continue helping my parents,” one girl cried into the microphone.

“I don’t know if I’m going to go visit my parents one day and they won’t be there because they left for deportation.”

She then recounts her childhood of growing up being illegal.

“When I was growing up I had to tell my little brother, on the way home from school, that it’d be okay because some days he would start crying, thinking that mom and dad wouldn’t be home when we got there.”

A young man took the microphone. “They’ve ignored us for too long. I’m no longer going to be a Democrat,” he said. “I’m no longer going to help them exploit my people. So, to the Democrats: do your job. And to my friends and family: I’m sorry.”

The next time Democrats try telling us that we’re being paranoid and racist about non-citizens voting in our elections, remind them of this group.