Face of World-Famous Yosemite Half Dome Rock Falls, Destroying Hiking Grounds

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half dome rock

A massive piece of the internationally famous Yosemite Half Dome rock has fallen, destroying the most famous hiking route used by tourists and climbers.

According to ABC7 News [1]:

Park geologist and climber Greg Stock said Tuesday that officials are now determining how the change will affect the climb.

Nobody was injured or witnessed the fall believed to have happened one night last week.

Stock says the relatively thin sheet of rock that peeled off measured roughly 100 by 200 feet.

He says there are several other routes for climbers going up the 1,000-foot sheer face.

Stock says rock falls are common, but the size of this piece is impressive.

He says this doesn’t change the path for hikers taking a cable route to the top of Half Dome. 


[1] http://abc7.com/travel/yosemite-rock-fall-changes-the-face-of-half-dome/833699/

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