German Women Rise Up Against Gov’t For Role In Migrant Rape Crisis

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German women protestors are rising up in the millions against a government refusing to protect them from sex attacks by migrants.

German women protestors are rising up in the millions against a government refusing to protect them from sex attacks by migrants. A huge march is planned in Berlin on Feb. 17 where the women will march to the Bundeskanzleramt to demand Merkel and her government address their concerns and stop downplaying the severity of the crisis.

In certain areas of many cities in Germany, women don’t feel safe in public anymore. They are forced to travel in groups or in the company of trusted men. They blame the Merkel government’s disastrous migrant policy for the dramatic change in their society.

Sexual violence in Germany has skyrocketed since Angela Merkel allowed more than one million mostly male migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East into the country. The crimes are being downplayed by the authorities, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

Authorities across the country have been accused of downplaying the true extent of the rape epidemic by suppressing information about migrant-related crimes, ostensibly due to a “lack of public interest”.

A German Twitter account, @XYEinzelfall (“individual cases”), has created a Google map to track police reports of crimes allegedly committed by migrants every day across the region. “Cologne was just the tip of the iceberg,” the page says, referring to the infamous News Years Eve mass sex attack in the city. “Cologne is every day.”

German women are angry and they are tired of being ignored. When victims of sex attacks by migrants raise their concerns publicly, they are often attacked all over again by Antifa activists who accuse them of being racist.

Uta Ogilvie, the founder of the movement to hold the government to account for the huge rise in sex attacks, has been forced to quit due to ongoing attacks on her house and children by so called “anti-fascists”.

Activists have created a live, constantly updated map that tracks police reports of alleged rapes (purple) and attacks on children (red) committed by migrants across the region.

Ogilvie was originally targeted for attacks by Antifa after carrying a sign in the street with “Merkel Must Go!” written on it. This was enough for Antifa to label her a Nazi, simply because she disagreed with their failed utopian multicultural ideology.

These anti-free speech actions by the “anti-fascists” in 2018 demonstrate clearly who the real fascists are in Germany. As long as Antifa are allowed to continue silencing opposing opinions using violence and intimidation, Germany will not be a free society.

Women in Germany have every right to hold their government to account for it’s disastrous open border policies. Their society has been changed without their approval. It is now a more dangerous place, and the government cannot be allowed to ignore their rights to a safe and free existence.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


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  1. German women are telling American women what to expect when libs open our borders. Women are being offered up to make young men want to invade.

  2. The women in Germany need to start carrying ice picks, guns or wasp and hornet spray, it’ll spray for 25 feet and is stronger than pepper spray.
    Two or three women with that stuff could clear out a whole crowd!
    Oh, and you need to get Merkel out too! She’s no friend to Germany!

  3. Those are all men in the picture. Media propaganda, as I am sure the women are somewhere having fun with the migrants.

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